Should Nancy & Steve Actually Get Back Together In Stranger Things 4?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, part 1.

With Stranger Things season 4 bringing an end to Netflix's smash-hit, it's natural that it echoes back to moments in season 1, but one unexpected development is the potential for Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler to get back together. The two characters made up the classic misfit couple in Stranger Things season 1; the popular jock and the quiet nerd. While their differences were too much to overcome back then, their relationship was essential for Steve and Nancy's character development and overcoming the clichés of 80s movies that Stranger Things is inspired by. After the breakdown of their relationship, Nancy explores her romantic feelings for Jonathan Byers in season 2, and the pair become a couple.

Fast forward to Stranger Things season 4, with the Byers family in California, 2,000 miles away from Hawkins, and the relationship between Nancy and Jonathan is on the rocks. Jonathan doesn't visit Hawkins during Spring Break like he said he would, and he isn't capable of telling her that he is no longer going to Emerson College, where the couple agreed they would both attend. Jonathan may seem in the wrong for not being fully truthful, but his decision comes from a well-intended place, as he tells Argyle if Jonathan told Nancy the truth then she would "just throw her dreams out the window." This physical and emotional disconnect between the couple has meant that during their adventures in Stranger Things season 4, Nancy's eyes have seemingly wavered back to her old boyfriend, Steve.

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But should Nancy and Steve get back together? Their mutual attraction is seen numerous times throughout the first part of Stranger Things season 4 (much to Robin's delight), such as Nancy staring when Steve takes his shirt off to jump in the aptly named Lovers Lake. Nancy also appears to bring the best out of Steve. The man that used to be obsessed with how he appeared now fails to recite Sherlock Holmes quotes in front of Nancy. But what about Jonathan? Despite his dishonesty, it could be a bit of a gut punch if he finally reunites with Nancy, but she's already moved back onto Steve.

Steve and Jonathan also have a complicated relationship, as Steve bullied the oldest Byers brother back in Stranger Things season 1. Both of them grew as characters and their relationship got better, but it would likely leave a sour taste in the mouth of viewers if Steve acted upon his attraction to Nancy before she and Jonathan have had time to at least properly talk about their feelings. This could mirror the bully-victim relationship from the first season, although there's plenty more nuance in it.

Nonetheless, Nancy and Steve's current relationship goes way beyond attraction. When Steve is dragged into the Upside Down, Nancy is the first to jump into the water after him, even before Robin. As Eddie says, Nancy's action is "as unambiguous a sign of true love as these cynical eyes have ever seen." Naturally, Eddie suggests Steve get her back, and it's obvious that the thought crosses his mind.

It could work well for Steve's character, however, if he discovers that he does not need a romantic partner. Ever since Stranger Things season 1, Steve has been pitched as a ladies' man, and even in Stranger Things season 4, Robin discloses that he always goes on a "million dates" but he has "no idea" what he wants from a partner. Even if Nancy is exactly what he wants, she is going to college out of state, which is exactly the reason that Steve doubts a relationship with Heidi, another romantic interest. Furthermore, arguably Steve's best relationship in Stranger Things is with Robin, and their relationship is "platonic with a capital P." It may be a less Hollywood ending, but Steve might benefit from accepting himself for who he is and realizing that he does not need to please anyone else or be in a romantic relationship.

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