Rick and Morty Already Proved the Show Doesn't Follow the Smartest Rick

The popular Adult Swim series titled Rick and Morty focuses on a depressingly brilliant scientist named Rick Sanchez, and in a comic book adventure depicting a place called Rickworld, it’s revealed that the show hasn’t been following the smartest Rick for the entirety of its run!

Proven in the first chapter of Rick and Morty #46, the story, “Michael Chrickton’s Rickworld,” by Kyle Starks and Marc Ellerby, follows Rick and Morty as they fly through space discussing a recent adventure of theirs. Pissed that Morty almost got him killed while dealing with a being known as the Knorflark Queen, Rick decides he’s had enough of Morty’s shenanigans and makes for a place where he knows he can be free of Morty’s annoying voice.

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Landing on a planet where a handful of similar-looking spaceships are parked, Rick tells Morty he needs a “24-hour break” from him, and soon, they arrive at the very West World-esque destination of Rickworld. Telling Morty that it’s a place where Ricks from all walks of the multiverse can live out their impulses with no repercussions, Morty asks if Rick had the idea to build Rickworld himself, and it’s here where it’s revealed that the “main” Rick in both show and comic continuity isn’t the smartest Rick Sanchez of the bunch.

Answering Morty, Rick says, “I wish, Morty. It’s the same Rick that made the Jerry Daycare,” referencing the Rick and Morty episode titled “Mortynight Run” wherein Jerry is sent to a daycare designed to house and entertain all the different parallel versions of himself. Going on to praise this particular Rick’s work by saying, “He really gets it, Morty. He’s got a real mind for Rick commerce,” it’s immediately made clear that this Rick — not the one fans are used to — is the smartest Rick of them all.

Already wishing he came up with the idea of Jerry Daycare, to begin with, the fact that “original” Rick looks up to this “other” Rick who has found a way to not once but twice outthink his doppelgänger with ideas that end up becoming major services OG Rick uses in his adventures, is proof that the current version of Sanchez isn’t the one with the highest IQ. And since both of these places were developed by the same Rick — who has unfettered access to each AND makes money off all the other Ricks using them — it seems safe to say that the Rick the other Ricks are paying is by default far more brilliant than the ones who rely on his services.

So while the show’s version of Rick is one that fans have come to know and love, it still doesn’t change the fact that out of all of the Ricks in the multiverse, this one is decidely not the smartest. Rick and Morty go on some wild adventures in both forms of media, so at least there’s room for a new “Smartypants Rick” somewhere down the line should the role need to be Rick-casted.

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