Pokémon GO's New Mega Legendary Raids Are Already Awful

A recent update for Pokémon GO that included large overhauls to Mega Evolution and the introduction of Mega Legendary Pokémon GO Raids has already exposed flaws, including Mega Legendary Raid battle difficulty. Recently, all Pokémon GO updates have come with mixed results. New events have introduced item nerfs and event timeframe changes, new game content includes paywalls, and improvements to important mechanics have offered new content that omits lower-level Pokémon GO players. These issues have made it more frustrating to enjoy the popular, mobile game.

The new Mega Evolution update for Pokémon GO offers important fixes that make the content more accessible for everyday players. The improvements to the Mega Energy system were specifically helpful, making it so players only need to use Mega Energy once on a Mega-Capable Pokémon to unlock the feature. The changes also came alongside the debut of Mega Kangaskhan in Pokémon GO, as well as the new Mega Legendary raids for Latias and Latios. For many, the Mega option for the popular Dragon/Psychic-type Legendaries was one of the most exciting aspects of the update.

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Unfortunately, the update took a frustrating turn for many Pokémon GO players when the Mega Legendary Raid difficulties were revealed to be six stars. In the past, the Pokémon GO Raid difficulty didn't go above five stars. For many players, even these raids were too difficult, especially when taking on Mega evolved Pokémon before the new Mega Update. Five-Star Pokémon GO Raids require a minimum of five medium to high-level players to be won, and successful defeat doesn't guarantee the catch, as players must still attempt to acquire the defeated Raid Pokémon with a short stack of Premier Balls earned during the Raid. The Six-Star Mega Legendary Latias and Latios difficulty almost guarantees players under level thirty won't be unable to win the battle.

Additionally, those who attempt to hop in on Pokémon GO's Mega Legendary Raids could be in for an unpleasant surprise, as Mega Latias and Latios can take out entire collections of player Pokémon in battle. This leaves players to use revives and potions in large quantities to get back into other Raids and battles, and will disproportionately impact lower-level players whose Pokémon may only withstand a few hits from the Mega Legendary opponent. For many, amassing items without spending money in Pokémon GO is a long and difficult process, and to lose months of items in only a few Raid battles could be particularly upsetting for those who'd been prepping for upcoming events.

Raid battles also cost either Pokémon GO's Remote Raid Passes, or standard Raid Passes, to participate in. While both are given for free in small quantities, those wanting to get as many chances at a high-stat Mega Legendary as possible may purchase the passes with real currency from the in-game Pokémon GO store. Because the chances of losing the Mega Raids are so high, participation could burn through saved or bought Raid Passes, openly wasting player investments in the game. Hopefully, Niantic will see the negative impact the unreasonably high Mega Legendary Raid difficulty will have on Pokémon GO players, and release a patch to adjust it in the near future. For the time being, however, players may want to hold off before hopping into a Mega Legendary Raid.

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