Outlander: 8 Predictions For Season 7, According To Reddit

Contains Outlander Season 6 & 7 Spoilers

**Reddit comments & threads linked in this article may contain Outlander book spoilers, as well**

Outlander left season 6 on a traumatic cliffhanger, and fans who don't read the books--and even those who do-- have no idea what could come next for their favorite time-traveling couple.

With Claire headed off to trial alone and Jamie being rescued from a one-way ticket back home to Scotland, anything could happen next season. To get some of their theories off their chests, some Redditors have weighed in on what they think might be the next chapters for the Outlander characters.

Lord John Grey is one of the best characters introduced after season 1 and a fan favorite. Viewers were over-the-moon when he continued to make appearances on the show after meeting and falling in love with Jamie, and also striking up a strong bond with Brianna. BSOBON123 on Reddit linked to an interview that David Berry, who plays Grey, did and wrote, "Looks like LJG will be in season 7."

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Outlander-loving Redditors hopped on the subject with MrsChickenPam saying, "Well he BETTER be back! Book #7 is about 50% about the Greys!" It's exciting for fans to think that one of their most beloved characters may be making a more permanent return to the show.

Jamie's fiery little sister Jenny was a low-key hero on Outlander, and she and Claire had some amazing moments, even after Claire returned from the future. However, according to emmagrace2000 on Reddit, "She's on a different show now and has stated that she doesn't want to play 'Old Jenny.'"

There are several theories as to what the show will do with Jenny's character if the actor unwilling to reprise the role. Some, like Yup_Seen_It, added, "As much as I loved her portrayal, I think I would be OK with a recast," while others believe the writers might just change the story to exclude her. While there hasn't been much information on what the writers will do, at least they have time to resolve this issue.

Unfortunately for those eager to see the entire book series covered onscreen, some fans are wary that season 7 could be the last one for the show. This theory has mainly arisen because of an interview that actor Caitríona Balfe did with CinemaBlend, where she said that it would be "a good place to end the fantasy series."

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Some Redditors think that this theory is valid, largely because of Balfe's and Sam Heughan's growing respective fame. Abby-rose on Reddit commented, "Sam and Caitríona's careers have blown up so I can see them wanting to capitalize on those opportunities. Seven-year contracts are pretty common for television shows." It would also ensure that the show doesn't lose the interest of its audience either since long-running shows can become formulaic and predictable.

For those thinking that the show's next season will be its last, there is also the issue of the show catching up to the book's current plotline. Outlander is no stranger to having book-to-show changes, but fans are uncertain if the writer will continue the story without Diana Gabaldon writing it.

The show has been taking large strides through the books' plots, and some Redditors think the show could catch up to the books too quickly. Perksofbeingcrafty on Reddit wrote, "There's no way book 10 is coming out in less than five years. When they catch up, what are they going to do?" It could give the writers more creative liberties, but after what happened with Game of Thrones and the backlash it received from fans for its polarizing ending, they might not want to take the risk.

There are quite a few Reddit theories about how the show will eventually end (possibly after next season). If that's the case, these Redditors think that the season may be broken into two shorter parts to draw things out.

LadyOfLallybroch on Reddit posted, saying, "I'm wondering if season 7 is to be the last, [...] they'll break it into 2 parts. I read somewhere that Diana said they won't pass her book-wise, but I don't know about that." With fans suspecting that the show will move quicker than the books, it makes sense that they would take a mid-season break to give Gabaldon more time.

So far, each season of the show has roughly followed the plotline of the corresponding book, and season 6 answered many of Redditors' questions regarding the plot. However, with many things being sped through recently on the show, Redditors are thinking that season 7 will cover two books in order to move things along.

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Mjp10e on Reddit said, "Season 7 is going to be an extended season with 16 episodes, likely covering book 7 and maybe even some or all of book 8. I have nothing to back up what I think other than just my gut." It may be a gut feeling, but there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that they are right.

Though Redditors can't be certain what will be covered in the next season or what pace the show will be moving at, there are some guesses as to what will happen between Jamie and Claire. Although there was an attempt at separating them in the season 6 finale, it was obviously unsuccessful, and Jamie is on his way to Claire currently.

No-Pianist-5915 theorized about season 7, saying, "I think the show will mostly focus on a believable way for J & C to separate." The two haven't been apart for more than an episode or two since the time jump, so it will be interesting to see why and how they do not being together.

One of the main complaints that Redditors had about season 6 was that there wasn't much action. Because there is so much unfinished business between Laoghaire, Jamie, and Claire and because it's been so long since Laoghaire has had any screen time, some Redditors think it's the perfect time for her to come back.

Lessilina394 had some hopes for season 7 and Laoghaire, writing, "They should make her come to America to visit Marsali and her grandchildren, and that would start a lot of really fun s*** to watch!" Marsali and Claire's relationship has changed a lot since Laoghaire has last seen Marsali, and the tension between the two of them would make for great TV.

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