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The Lost City invites audiences on a hilarious tropical adventure with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, who portray a reclusive novelist and her cover model respectively, as they are swept up in an eccentric billionaire's search for a mythical lost city.

Bullock and Tatum are joined by an ensemble cast that includes Daniel Radcliffe, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez and Brad Pitt.

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In honor of the film's home media release, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with star Oscar Nunez to discuss The Lost City, working with the directors for improv and more.

Screen Rant: The Lost City was a lot of fun, I loved your character in it. This is a script that's been sort of kicking around for quite a while now.

Oscar Nunez: Really?

Yeah, I think it's been in the works about 7 years. When did you first get your hands on it, and what about it really sparked your interest?

Oscar Nunez: I didn't know it was kicking around for a while, but that happens in Hollywood; things kick around for a while. The first I heard of it was from Sandra. Sandra sent me a text and said, "Do you want to be involved in this thing in Dominican Republic?" I was like, "Yeah, sure." We read it and it was funny, and the part's funny, and it was like a work/vacation because I took my wife and kid to the Caribbean. So we're like, "Yeah, we're totally in."

But this intrigues me that it's been kicking around for like 10 years or something, that's interesting. But yeah, that happens. That happens in this town.

One of the things that I love about this movie is that the comedy feels like it relies on the script as much as it does the performances. How much improvisation were you allowed to do with your character and how much of your humor came from the script?

Oscar Nunez: The script was funny, but the fellows allowed me to improvise here and there. But the directors had a very strong vision for what they wanted, because there's a lot going on.

It's a big movie with a lot of moving parts., because it's not just a comedy, it's action with the boats and all the chasing, that's a big deal logistically. They have a lot on their plate, so they have a limited amount of time for the scenes. But within that they let me play a little bit, it was fun.

What would you say were some of your favorite moments that you got to improvise in the film?

Oscar Nunez: When she's at the airport, and I'm like, "I hear you like steaks." That part. I'm glad they went the way they went with the script, but they let me mess around and come in with different lines for that. I think the first line is like, "I like steaks too," or something like that, that's my in. And one time I'm like, "Excuse me, I have access to fresh cows." She's like, "What?" and I'm like, "I couldn't help overhear that you like steaks. Well, I have access to fresh cows, I'm just saying."

Even just to get that out of my system was fun, and I'm like, "You guys use it?" They're like, "No, it's funny, but we're going to go with the script here." [Laughs]

I also love the chemistry between you and Da'Vine Joy Randolph in this film. Both of your characters just play off each other so well. What was that like for you coming up with that rapport off camera before bringing it into each scene?

Oscar Nunez: It was a treat. She's a sweetheart and a pro. We're friends from Toronto. We worked together a long time in Toronto, so we knew each other and we just were having fun.

One of the things that I especially love about your character is at the very end, he has that line where I believe Sandra calls him an angel and then he says, "How did you know?" Is there a story behind that? Did you talk with the Nee Brothers at all about what that was for?

Oscar Nunez: They were just giving me lines to say, she's just walking away and I'm saying anything. Sometimes I would improvise and sometimes the directors would say, "Say this, say this, say this," and that's the one they landed on.

There were all different little funny, silly things. But that's the one they landed on, which was pretty absurd. [Chuckles] Whatever, it's surreal, you could take it any way you want. But that's the one they landed on.

Do you think your character is an angel? Because I mean, he does pop up at just the right moments throughout the film.

Oscar Nunez: I think he flies a plane, somehow he got a license a long time ago - or does he have a license? And he hasn't been checked by a neurologist or a doctor in a long time. Sometimes people's driver's license should be taken away, but they don't go in to get checked out, so they keep driving the car. This guy's flying a plane. Who's going to check on him? He's flying all over the place. We don't know his mental state.

He's a wildcard, to say the least.

I know you didn't get many scenes with him, but what was it like also working alongside Daniel Radcliffe, because I love that little interaction you two have on the boat as he's trying to escape?

Oscar Nunez: Yeah, we didn't get to work [together too much], but we got to talk and hang out. And my daughter met him, so that was cool. He was around the hotel, so those are the parts that you're like, "Hey, this is very cool." As far as the work, like I said, it's a fast-moving machine, lots of moving parts and it goes quickly, because these guys are on a mission to get this big-budget film in at a certain time.

When you're working, it's quick and then we're moving on and we leave the time to play for Channing and Sandra, because they're carrying the whole thing. So they need the space and that time, so the little parts have to be concise.

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The Lost City is now on digital platforms and Paramount+ and hits shelves on 4K Ultra-HD, Blu-ray and DVD on July 26.

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