Marvel's Take on Die Hard Promises Invisible Woman's Best Story

Although she's one of the most important members of the Fantastic Four, Susan Storm Richards, the Invisible Woman, usually doesn't get the kind of Die Hard-esque action stories that her male counterparts do. Considering Susan Storm is the first female superhero in Marvel Comics, she has had several opportunities to stand out as her own character. Unfortunately, other members of the Fantastic Four usually leave her character development as invisible as her name suggests. Nonetheless, a new comic, part of Marvel's tremendous Judgement Day crossover, may provide her best comic book appearance to date.

Sue Storm is undoubtedly advanced the characterization of comic book women during her early appearances in the 1960s. In more modern comics, she often resides in the Baxter Building to play a maternal role, primarily in service of the other characters. Despite this, Invisible Woman has the potential to be incredibly overpowered. Sue's wasted potential is evident in Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Steve McNiven's Marvel Knights 4 comics, Marvel's attempt at critically adept standalone stories for the Fantastic Four, when the team goes bankrupt. Reed Richards prevents a depressed man from taking his own life, Ben learns the toils of lower-class construction workers, and Johnny struggles as a returning celebrity actor. Meanwhile, Sue becomes an objectified substitute teacher and defends her kids' friends from aliens. The only instance when Sue is alone features her going for a swim to let off some steam.

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A new article from Marvel reveals that the Judgement Day event will allow Sue to star in David Pepose and Juann Cabal's Fantastic Four #47. The two-part miniseries promises an extremely enticing concept for Sue: she will defend the Baxter Building like John McClane in Die HardAccording to Marvel, "Reed Richards has locked himself in his Think Tank in search of answers. But with the fate of humanity on the line, what happens when Oubliette Midas sets her sights on the Baxter Building? As the Fantastic Four falls before the Exterminatrix's death traps, only one hero remains standing—but if you thought Oubliette was dangerous, it's nothing compared to what the Invisible Woman is capable of. Get ready for Die Hard in the Baxter Building. Yippie-ki-yay, Marvel Universe." As she's alone in the Baxter Building, readers may finally have a chance to see the Invisible Woman's thoughts against aliens when she's not merely in the service of other characters. Considering Invisible Woman's force fields are insanely powerful, the adventure promises to be quite thrilling.

Even in stories like Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's Age of Ultron, where Sue travels through space and time with Wolverine to save the universe from the cybernetic apocalypse, she is almost always a supporting character. Sometimes Sue can provide great moments for others, as she does for the Fantastic Four in Marvel Knights or Wolverine in Age of Ultron. By placing Invisible Woman as the Baxter Building's sole defender though, Fantastic Four #47 can remind fans why Sue is a superhero in her own right who deserves her own stories outside of her relationship to a male hero.

It's significant for readers to realize what Sue is capable of across Marvel's vast and powerful universe. Nonetheless, it's infinitely more important for writers to develop Sue's personal characteristics separate from the Fantastic Four, especially if Invisible Woman enters the MCU. The Invisible Woman deserves to be one of the most critically acclaimed characters in comic books, and hopefully, her version of Die Hard will help her gain more appreciation.

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