Married At First Sight 10: Why Mindy Called Her Ex Zach An 'Enigma'

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice's marriage was doomed from the moment they said "I do" on Married at First Sight season 10, and Mindy is still confused by Zach's behavior, calling him an enigma. Despite being divorced for two years, and both moving on from the turbulent relationship, there are some things about Zach that Mindy does not understand even after watching the show. Even though fans are happy that Mindy is living her best life after the show, and that she is glad she went on the show for the experience, many fans are just as confused about Zach as she is.

Five couples were formed from complete strangers on Married at First Sight season 10. Those couples include Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin, Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad, Meka Jones and Michael Watson, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, along with Mindy and Zach. Jessica and Austin are the only MAFS season 10 couple still together, and the pair even welcomed a baby together last year. While the other four couples had their struggles, Zach and Mindy were one of the hardest relationships to watch, as Zach put no effort into their marriage from the start.

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Mindy was a former competitive ice skater turned skating coach, and Zach has started his own fitness company. The pair seemed perfect on paper, but after Zach decided that he was not attracted to Mindy, he continued pulling away from her. Zach shocked Married at First Sight fans when he revealed that he would not move into their shared apartment for the duration of the show, choosing to live separately from his wife.

Zach officially became one of the worst Married at First Sight husbands when he started befriending and flirting with one of Mindy's good friends behind her back. MAFS fans have stood behind Mindy and her decision to break things off with Zach on Decision Day and accused Zach of just using the show for fame. After Mindy posted a picture on Instagram, fans took to supporting her and calling Zach out for his manipulative behavior. One fan said, "Mindy, I think you're more beautiful than Zach. Not sure why he didn't see that," and Mindy responded with, "the guy is an enigma."

Though Mindy is clearly still confused by Zach's hot-and-cold behavior on Married at First Sight season 10, fans seemed certain that he was being deceptive the entire time. Another fan said, "enigma?! Looked like somewhat basic, manipulative behavior to me! Circle talkers are the worst!" Mindy has managed to move on from the failed marriage, and has now set her sights on some new goals. While she is living her dreams in Mexico, she is also spending her free time traveling and training for American Ninja Warrior. Married at First Sight fans cannot wait to see what she does next!

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