Magneto & Storm Prove They're Mutant Gods in Jaw-Dropping Power Combo

A new preview for Immortal X-Men #2 shows the aftermath of Selene's initial attack on Krakoa, with the combined might of Storm and Magneto's incredible mutant abilities working in tandem to take down a massive monster. Both Storm and Magneto are classified as rare Omega-Level mutants, but it is still impressive to see just how god-like their abilities become when combined together!

The X-Men's current Age of Krakoa has seen a huge uptick in the intentional combination of mutant powers for increased impact, something now referred to as a mutant or power "circuit," exemplified by the circuit of The Five who use their combined powers to resurrect dead mutants. While the X-Men have often combined powers to increase their abilities, the mutants of Krakoa seem to be doing it with much more intention and planning, such as the New Mutants teachers making their group of young mutants practice different power combinations, to great effect.

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Immortal X-Men #2 - written by Kieron Gillen with gorgeous art by Lucas Werneck - follows Krakoa's governmental body, the Quiet Council, as they add Hope Summers to their roster following Magneto's departure after Inferno, but the Council is already running into some major issues in the form of the ancient mutant witch Selene. Selene really wanted to get voted onto the Quiet Council but was ultimately denied in favor of Hope, and Immortal X-Men #1 ended with the mutant powerhouse resurrecting her fallen External comrades as a monstrous beast, dead-set on destroying all of Krakoa. Magneto and Storm are currently starring in their own X-Book, the amazing X-Men Red by Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli, and Federico Blee, and are teaming up in that series to form a new Brotherhood of Mutants to defend Arakko from threats. But clearly their outer space partnership is creating a stronger bond between them, leading to them deftly taking down Selene's monster with really no effort at all in an ultra-powerful mutant circuit, shown in a Twitter post shared by user @ororoswind.

Kieron Gillen's writing really brings Magneto and Storm's playful but professional relationship to life so well, with Magneto commenting that while the Krakoan Captain could probably take care of the monster, that the two of them might as well show off their strength as the two highest ranking X-Men stationed on Arakko. Hope remarks that Krakoa is all about community, teamwork, and shared strength before acknowledging that Erik and Ororo are two of the strongest people alive, and that, "Either of them could deal with this by themselves if they tried." Magneto uses his power of magnetism to pierce Selene's monster with massive shards of metal, distributing them evenly throughout the creatures body, so that when Ororo uses her weather manipulation to blast it with lightning it basically implodes, seemingly killing the beast with one blast. Ororo and Erik's powers are often portrayed in similar ways when Storm is using her electricity, so it is visually jaw-dropping to see their combined powers wreaking havoc on this monster, with Hope commenting that together they barely need to lift a finger. It is interesting that Hope acknowledged that either of them could have taken the monster down individually, but because of their new plan to form a Brotherhood of Mutants the two wanted to provide a true show of force for the Quiet Council and people of Krakoa about what they are capable of.

While Charles Xavier might think himself a god, it is really Storm and Magneto who are able to so powerfully control the literal powers of the planet Earth, that continue to prove if any mutant were to be considered a god, it would be them.

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Be sure to pick up Immortal X-Men #2 from Marvel Comics when it debuts on May 18th to see the fallout from Selene's destructive attack on Krakoa!

Source: Ororo's Wind/Twitter

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