Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Appear In Alabama’s TikTok After Wedding

Stars of The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian, and Travis Barker recently got legally married, and afterward, they accidentally crashed Alabama Barker's, Travis' daughter, TikTok live. In April, Kourtney and Travis made headlines after it was announced that they had gotten married in Las Vegas after the Grammy Awards. The couple posted images of the Vegas ceremony on their social media pages and expressed how beautiful the moment was, but they later revealed that the wedding was not legal. However, Kourtney later revealed that she wanted that ceremony to be a legal one.

Once the "trial wedding" was over, fans were told that the Kardashian family was planning Kravis' official wedding, though Kourtney was insisting that she wanted a small intimate wedding. Well, the Poosh owner got exactly what she wanted! On May 15, the couple made headlines again after they were seen in wedding attire at a courthouse in Anacapa, Santa Barbara. Just like before, Kourtney and Travis had bodyguards and security with them, and more importantly, a marriage license.

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Usually, after a couple ties the knot, they will traverse to their reception or to their honeymoon location but Kravis went straight to see Travis's daughter, Alabama, and this resulted in them crashing Alabama's ongoing TikTok live. Alabama was in the middle of a makeup tutorial when the newlyweds walked in. "Wow, you guys are really dressed up," she said when she saw them, according to E!Once the couple realized they were on camera, they moved out of the frame but remained in the room to talk to Alabama. The Kardashians star Kourtney admitted to her new step-daughter that she could not find makeup that morning, "And I was almost like, 'Should Alabama do my makeup?" The 16-year-old expressed that she would have done the Poosh owner's makeup look for the day and then went on to show her viewers the couple standing in an embrace in the rear of her room. Alabama chuckled as she said, "You guys, they are hugging."

Of course, onlookers shared their opinion on the couple appearing in Alabama's video. Twitter user @Ohitsjudi said, "Not Kourtney and Travis entering Alabama’s live like as if they didn’t just get married LMAOOO." Another user, @julzramirex said, "Stumbled upon Alabama Barker’s tiktok live and kourtney and Travis were just on the side hugging like those hs couples." While some fans showered Kourtney and Travis with praise for becoming official, some viewers decided to be hyper-critical of the nuptials. While some users found it necessary to criticize the couple's wedding attire, some were focusing on the fact that Kourtney's family did not attend the ceremony. Twitter user @reality_fiend said, "So Kourtney preached when they were on E how her kids were most important thing and that’s why she didn’t want to film and now they aren’t being included in the huge moments of her life like getting married?"

Though The Kardashians were not at the ceremony, Kourtney's grandmother, Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell, and Travis' father, Randy Barker, attended as witnesses for the wedding. Though Kourtney was able to have her intimate wedding, the family will still be able to do a Kardashian-style wedding as it is reported that Travis and Kourtney will have another wedding celebration in Italy. The Kar-Jenners have not publicly said anything about the Kravis wedding.

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