Kim Kardashian Struggles With Her Identity In The Kardashians Clip

Kim Kardashian is no longer Kanye West's wife, and in a preview clip for The Kardashians, the star struggles with her identity as a single woman. Kim and Kanye married in 2014, a year after welcoming daughter North West. For years, the two appeared to be an unstoppable Hollywood power couple. But unfortunately, rumors spread that their relationship was falling apart, and in 2021 Kim officially filed for divorce. Since their split, many fans have criticized Kim's post-Kanye fashion choices and claimed that no one from the Kar-Jenner family knows how to style themselves without the help of Kim's ex-husband.

While Kim was already a successful reality TV star when she met Kanye during her original series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her husband opened many doors for her that may have remained closed had she never married him. Despite her success and evident intelligence when it came to business, Kim still struggled to be taken seriously in ventures outside of reality television. KUWTK aired in 2007; however, Kim was not invited to the Met Gala--which she now attends annually--until 2013 when she was Kanye's plus-one. The fashion industry, in particular, had a hard time accepting Kim, but Kanye helped her make a name for herself.

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Now that Kimye is no more, a clip from the next episode of The Kardashians reveals that Kim isn't sure who she is in the fashion world or as an independent person. E! News shared the clip, in which Kim tries picking out an outfit for herself without her ex-husband's help, and she expresses her confusion about finding a style that represents who she is without Kanye by her side. "I'm trying to figure out who am I in the fashion world or who am I by myself," Kim confesses. The SKIMS founder explains that even before marrying the rapper, she was grouped in with her sisters as the Kardashians, so it's difficult for her to understand who she is as her own person.

In the clip, Kim admits that after filing for divorce, it took her a while to have the courage to be her own stylist and find out who she is. In earlier episodes of the show, Kanye styles Kim for her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and the two seemed on cordial terms despite their divorce. This was before Kim started dating Pete Davidson, which sent Kanye on an Instagram meltdown, causing chaos for his ex and their four children. "Who is Kim K?" Kim asks in the clip. "That is the jump. How do I get there without Kanye?"

It seems exiting one of the most famous couples in Hollywood wasn't so easy, and Kim really had to dive in and figure out who she is on her own. Her mini identity crisis is completely understandable as many struggle to understand themselves, especially when getting out of relationships. Luckily, The Kardashians star still has all the success she built on her own and an incredibly supportive family. Though it might take a while for Kim to figure out her post-Kanye fashion sense, with access to any celebrity stylist she pleases, Kim is certainly going to be okay.

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