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WhatsApp broadcast list allows users to send messages to multiple people in their contact list at once. There are various scenarios where one has to send the same message to many people on WhatsApp. For example, the message could be related to progress on a group assignment, the venue for a birthday party, or just a news update that concerns many people. While users can do this manually, it takes time and effort. This is where WhatsApp broadcast lists jump in and save the day.

WhatsApp's rival, Telegram, also has a similar feature. It is called Telegram Channels. Essentially, Telegram Channels are WhatsApp broadcast lists, but with more flexibility. For instance, users can add an unlimited number of users to Telegram Channels. However, with fewer participants, WhatsApp broadcast lists are easy to manage. Creating a WhatsApp broadcast list is relatively easy — users can do it within a few taps.

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WhatsApp describes the feature as a one-to-many communication tool for providing updates and creating announcements. But so are WhatsApp Groups, so what is the difference? When an admin sends a message in a broadcast list or a group, it appears as a standard message in the recipients’ chat section. However, when members reply to a broadcast message, it will only be visible to the admin in the chat. In this way, the members of a WhatsApp broadcast list cannot indulge in a conversation with each other, unlike on WhatsApp groups. Additionally, users can add up to 256 contacts to a broadcast list.

To create a WhatsApp broadcast list on Android, open the application and tap on the three-dots icon at the top right corner of the display. Next, select 'New broadcast' from the drop-down menu, which also contains the option to create a WhatsApp group. Then, add the required contacts. Once done, tap on the tick mark at the bottom right corner of the display. It will create a broadcast list that appears in the chat section. Users can also change the name of a broadcast list by heading over to the Broadcast list info > three-dot menu > Change broadcast list name. On the other hand, iPhone users can create a broadcast list by tapping on 'Broadcast lists' at the top of the chats section and following similar steps.

Once users create a broadcast list, it stays in their chat section. Members of a broadcast list receive updates as text messages in the chat section. Users can also add or remove participants from a broadcast list. To delete a WhatsApp broadcast list, admins should open the info section by tapping on the name at the top left corner of the display and tapping on 'Delete broadcast list' at the bottom of the display. The process is very similar to deleting messages or entire chats on WhatsApp.

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