Harry Potter: 10 Ways In Which The Wizarding World Is Actually Evil

When Harry Potter first entered the Wizarding World, it was a place of awe and amazement. However, as the books and the movies they spawned moved forward, Harry learned that this new realm was more dangerous and dark than he ever could have believed. Eventually, the lines between good and bad blurred, and in the end, the entire Wizarding World looked like a very bad place.

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With the Fantastic Beasts movies showing more of the governments and organizations in the Wizarding World, it is clear that this society is not so much about good versus evil, but about different shades of gray trying to stop the worst of them from ruining everything. But unfortunately, in more ways than not, the entire Wizarding World is evil.

One of the first wizards introduced in the Harry Potter franchise was Hagrid. He was loveable and had the safety of Harry in his mind over anything else. When they got back to Hogwarts, Hagrid was revealed to live in a little hut where he was not allowed to practice hardly any of his magic.

This was for a mistake made years before. This is not unusual either. The Wizarding World has a government that ensures that certain wizards don't enjoy the same rights as others and it is simply to make sure that everyone knows their place, where they are forced to stay.

One of the biggest problems with the Wizarding World is that there is a council that determines the guilt and innocence of people and very rarely are they allowed to defend themselves. For instance, Sirius Black was kept in Azkaban for years for a crime he never committed.

However, there are also times when the wizards try to trap a person into a guilty plea, as they did with Harry Potter when they set up a trial for him and then changed the time without telling him. He would have been found guilty without the chance to defend himself.

The biggest proof that the Wizarding World is evil involves their use of the Dementors. These are dark, evil creatures that will suck all the happiness, peace, and joy out of a person just by getting close to them. These should be eliminated at all costs, but not in the Wizarding World.

Instead, the Dementors are used as guards in Azkaban and the British Ministry of Magic used these horrific creatures to torture anyone they felt had gotten out of line. When they turned on the Ministry of Magic and rejoined Voldemort, it shouldn't have come as any surprise to the corrupt officials.

Azkaban is not like a regular prison. This is where wizards who have been found guilty, whether they actually were or not, are placed to live out their lives in torment and pain. The Dementors were there to ensure that the prisoners had no joy or happiness as they withered away and eventually died.

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Almost everyone in this prison died of despair, losing the will to live. Those who didn't die early usually lost their grasp of reality, disappearing away into their nightmares, and finally became incapable of going on with their lives.

As proven in the Harry Potter series itself, the Ministry of Magic was highly corruptible. There were many times when warnings came that the evil Voldemort was coming back, but they mostly ignored them. When he did return, some in the Ministry were ready to join his side.

The Minister of Magic even had his wife take the form of their son to keep him out of Azkaban and covered it up. As shown in the Fantastic Beasts series, the Ministry of Magic has always had ulterior motives and often ignored facts to push its agenda. A corrupt government is always the sign of an evil regime.

It is almost disgusting how much hate lives in the hearts of people in power in the Wizarding World. If a person is born to Muggle parents or has one Wizard parent and another who is a Muggle, that person is often the target of slurs or even discrimination by those in power.

There is also hatred in the Wizarding World of Muggles, despite the fact that wizards and witches seem to be living in almost primitive states compared to regular humans. This kind of prejudice exists in the real world as well, and it is abhorrent no matter where it exists.

The Wizarding World has a government system that clamps down on society harshly. The idea is to keep their existence a secret, but it all boils down to the government controlling every citizen in its land based on the fact they were born wizards.

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The Ministry can even arrest magical people for using their magic. They have no leniency for anyone who speaks out against their rules and control. They keep everyone under their thumb, and while this is once again normal in some countries, in the Wizarding World, their reaction against individuality is often evil.

One of the comedic moments in the Harry Potter books that was touched upon slightly in the movies was Arthur Weasley's fascination with gadgets and human inventions. This was an interest he passed on to his twin sons, George and Fred. It also got him his job at the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office.

This was one of the big rules in the Wizarding World - Muggle technology was frowned upon and was not allowed in most cases in society. If anyone was caught with a modern technical device, it was often confiscated and the Wizard was punished. Limiting the advancement of Wizard technology kept their society as a whole from advancing and forced reliance on a corrupt and vindictive government.

If a county in the world suddenly gains the power to do whatever they want and then causes any other country around them to instantly forget that they did it, it would be unthinkable. This is what the Wizarding World does on a regular basis. In the Fantastic Beasts movies, they have done this many times.

The police were closing in on a Wizard in the first movie when the Ministry of Magic came in and wiped all their minds and escaped. They have done this often, using their powers to wipe the minds of Muggles and protect themselves no matter what danger might be at hand. Mind manipulation is proof that the Wizarding World is evil at heart. Luckily, Arthur Weasley eventually helped the Ministry of Magic create the Muggle Protection Act, which at least treated Muggles with more respect.

One thing that was unforgivable in the Wizarding World but was partially eliminated thanks to Hermoine was the fact that Wizards were allowed to own intelligent beings and use them as household slaves. Although most Elves are supposedly happy doing what they do, that doesn't negate the fact that the behavior of wizards is incredibly immoral.

Hermoine started the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. However, by this time, the Wizarding World had convinced elves that they had no right to be free and promoted this despicable treatment until Hermoine finally took her role in government upon graduation and helped advance these rights.

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