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Warning: the following contains SPOILERS for Hacks.

Hacks is a darkly hilarious series about the world of professional stand-up comedy, and all of the crucial characters from Hacks season 1 are back for another season, as one of HBO Max's best shows. Casting the right actors for Hacks was no easy feat. Deborah Vance, around which the entire narrative revolves, perfectly balances being both the hero and the villain of the story. Moreover, apart from Deborah, the rest of the cast of Hacks season 2 also constantly need to tread the fine line between comedy and drama.

Hacks season 1 doesn't end well for both Ava and Deborah. Jimmy tells Ava that the British writers who tried to hire her have received Ava's very revealing emails about Deborah. Ava gets this news as she and Deborah are aboard Deborah's private jet, about to head for the first stop in their comedy tour.

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Hacks season 2 begins as Ava and Deborah take their new material for a spin on the road. Unlike other comedic dramas and antihero stories where the real villains are conflicted, Deborah Vance is very much aware that she is the villain, which is where Hacks truly succeeds as a dark comedy. Here's everything viewers need to know about the actors who play Deborah, Ava, and the other characters in Hacks season 2.

Legendary stand-up comic and entertainment icon Deborah Vance has just lost her long-running Vegas residency, and her new writer, Ava, is helping her craft new material and once again get excited about doing stand-up comedy. Unaware that Ava has betrayed her, Deborah starts warming up to the young writer. Playing the role of Deborah Vance is actor Jean Smart, who is the main reason why Hacks season 2 is a notable entry in HBO Max's May 2022 releases. Smart has also appeared in HBO's Watchmen miniseries and Mare of Easttown, as well as Arrested Development and Legion.

Hollywood-based writer Ava Daniels got canceled for an offensive Tweet, which led her agent, Jimmy, to send her to Las Vegas to work for Deborah. Initially dismissive of Deborah's tired old material, Ava eventually realized that she has a lot to learn from the comedy legend, with whom she's developed a love-hate relationship. Ava is actor Hannah Einbinder's first major role, and she also appears in North Hollywood and How to Be Broke.

Marcus, who is now the CEO of Deborah's private empire, might have an even more toxic relationship with Deborah than Ava. Unlike everyone else on Deborah's payroll, Marcus was her biggest fan before he took on the job of running her company. Actor Carl Clemons-Hopkins also appears in Candyman, Range Runners, and the hit medical drama Chicago Med.

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Jimmy LuSaque serves as the agent of both Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels. Jimmy was the one who brought the two together. Apart from being one of the creators and stars of Hacks, Paul W. Downs also appears in Broad City, How It Ends, and Inside Amy Schumer.

Josefina is Deborah's housekeeper. Her duties include maintaining Deborah's massive Vegas property as well as taking charge during events. Actor Rose Abdoo also appears in Gilmore Girls, Saved by the Bell, and United States of Al.

Kaitlin Olson as Deborah "DJ" Vance Jr: Deborah's daughter, DJ, has a complicated relationship with her mother. Actor Kaitlin Olson is a screen veteran who also appears in the cult comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Flipped, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Christopher McDonald as Marty Ghilain: As the proprietor of the Palmetto casino, Marty Ghilain is the one who kicked Deborah out of her residency – but this isn't enough to sever their strong romantic connection. Actor Christopher McDonald also appears in American Crime Story, Mr. Iglesias, and Ballers.

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Megan Statler as Kayla: Jimmy's assistant, Kayla, persists in sexually harassing her boss, and Jimmy can't do anything about it because Kayla is Jimmy's boss's daughter. A relative newcomer to television, Megan Statler also appears in National Lampoon Radio Hour, Queer As Folk, and The Megan Statler Show.

Devon Sawa, Ming-Na Wen, Margaret Cho, and Laurie Metcalf: The returning cast of Hacks season 1 will also be joined by these actors, who are all playing new characters in Hacks season 2. Although it's unclear which roles they'll be playing, their names are listed under the cast for the second season of HBO's Hacks.

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Hacks releases new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.

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