Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power Winner was Teased from the Start

Throughout the entirety of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, fans were on the edge of their seats as no one knew who the overall winner of the event would be. While the safe bet would be Goku as he comes out on top more often than not, it was actually Android 17 who won the whole thing–a surprise victory that was actually teased from the start.

Android 17 made his debut in Dragon Ball Chapter 349 by Akira Toriyama, and in that storyline, he was a villain alongside his sister Android 18. The two were programmed by Dr. Gero to be the most powerful fighters on Earth as they were built with an energy core that provided them with unlimited power–making their attacks consistently detrimental while also keeping them from ever getting tired. After the Androids were defeated, Krillin wished upon the Dragon Balls to basically make them good as he had fallen in love with 18 and wanted to save her brother as well.

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In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 33 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, the Tournament of Power officially begins and all the fighters from the multiple universes who were battling to save their reality from obliteration immediately launch into attack the second the contest starts. Mere moments after the Tournament of Power began, 17 knocked someone out of the ring–making him the first person to do so.

The fact that 17 was the first fighter to eliminate an opponent foretold his eventual victory over everyone else in the tournament, and it makes perfect sense. 17 doesn’t rely on ki due to his energy core and therefore doesn’t need to power up before a fight, which gives him an edge above the other non-robotic fighters and allows him to strike quickly and earn the first knock-out of the tournament. Plus, since he doesn’t use ki to power his attacks, his power level can’t be tracked or sensed, making him practically invisible to those who monitor the level of energy their opponents give off. Not only did his unlimited internal power source make him faster and more unassuming, but it also allowed 17 to be the last fighter standing in the end. 17 won by remaining virtually invisible as his power doesn’t register for the other fighters, so just as he quickly snuck up on his first opponent, he laid low long enough to win the whole thing for Universe 7.

17 winning the Tournament of Power wasn’t just teased because he eliminated the first fighter, but because of the manner in which he did so. 17 used his artificial biology to his advantage from start to finish which evidently proved to be incredibly effective and absolutely brilliant. Dragon Ball Super’s surprise Tournament of Power winner was teased from the start, but after breaking down exactly how he won and the evidence that was laid out beforehand, 17’s victory really shouldn't have been all that surprising.

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