Daredevil's Secret Identity Makes Him Comics' Best Vigilante

Even though he doesn't have much superstrength or durability, one aspect about Daredevil and his Matthew Murdock identity actually makes him a better vigilante than heroes like Batman and Spider-Man. After the Man Without Fear's reintroduction to the MCU, more and more fans remain curious about where he ranks among other vigilantes in comics from Marvel and DC.

Matt is a blind, Catholic, lawyer, providing readers with some of the most multifaceted superhero stories. For instance, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's Born Again story links his Catholic faith to his superhero origins. One issue in the Born Again arc, Daredevil #229, features Sister Maggie mourning over an exhausted Matt Murdock. Mazzucchelli's art blends the comic book medium with critically acclaimed religious iconography, mimicking Michaelangelo's The Pieta from Renaissance art. While the Catholic element provides the most influential factors of morality to Daredevil's psyche, another aspect of his life behind the mask makes him an even better vigilante than Batman or Spider-Man.

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In Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Bill Everett's very first issue of Daredevil, also marking the character's first appearance, Matt Murdock earns his law degree from New York City's Columbia University. How does this day job make him a better vigilante than Batman or Spider-Man? Unlike Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker, Matt Murdock has the option to use an actual judge and jury to determine the accountability of his opponents. Due to the sensitive hearing stemming from the accident that blinded him, Matt also has the opportunity to tell if anyone in court is lying based on their heartbeat's pace. Even when criminal masterminds like Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, rig the judicial system, bribe a judge, or threaten jury members in court, Matt's Daredevil abilities gives him an understanding reason to seek justice as a vigilante.

This is not to say that Daredevil is completely infallible. Much like when an enraged Batman, or Spider-Man with the symbiote, Daredevil also sometimes brutalizes his enemies more than they deserve. It's in these instances when Matt "lets the devil out" — as his Netflix show brilliantly ties to his superhero name. Matt's most violent villains like Bullseye usually earn his most abusive punishments, especially if they hurt loved ones like Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, or Elektra. However, when anti-heroes like the Punisher act as the judge, jury, and executioner of their activities, it reminds Matt to stick to his faith, morality, and judicial values.

All in all, Daredevil guarantees true justice more than any other vigilante. The strictly disciplined Matt Murdock may be the most justifiable street-level hero in DC or Marvel. He constantly keeps himself in check, ensuring that he only uses his superior fighting skills as a last resort. Unlike Batman or Spider-Man, Daredevil actually places trust in the judicial system before relying on vigilante violence to see that justice is served.

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