Bridgerton: 10 Badass Quotes By Queen Charlotte That Prove She's The Queen Bee

Earlier this month, Adjoa Andoh (Lady Danbury) told TV Line that she and Ruth Gemmell (Violet Bridgerton) will reprise their roles in the Bridgerton spinoff that revolves around Golda Rosheuvel's Queen Charlotte. It's said that viewers will see how the queen became friends with Lady Bridgerton and Lady Danbury and how their youths shaped their adulthoods.

On Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte's opinion is the only one that matters. With an ill husband, she spent most of the series alone or with her right-hand man Brimsley. Flying solo, she had to have poise and strength while mingling with the ton, which created some entertaining and badass quotes.

At the start of season 1, Queen Charlotte chose Daphne Bridgerton as that season's Diamond — the best of the best. But when Daphne took her time with Simon, the queen grew annoyed that it was taking so long for an engagement.

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While reading the latest Lady Whistledown in an elaborate outfit, she screamed at Brimsley that she wanted to be "Entertained! Enthralled!" Meanwhile, she had an acrobat in front of her trying to do exactly that. As a woman with power, Queen Charlotte got whatever she wanted, which is incredibly badass.

Since the duke was taking his time courting Daphne in season 1, Queen Charlotte took matters into her own hands. She didn't want the ton to think her chosen Diamond wasn't as desirable as she set her out to be.

To get an early engagement, the queen introduced her nephew, Prince Friedrich, to Daphne. The prince was taken by Daphne but once he realized she loved the duke, he backed off. In a conversation with the queen, the prince told her that he wasn't going to get involved with Daphne since she believed Simon to be her soulmate. The queen, however, assured her nephew that she never accepted defeat.

In 'The Duke and I,' the queen had no choice but to accept defeat when Simon finally proposed to Daphne. Due to someone seeing Daphne and Simon kiss in the gardens, the two were in a rush to get married and needed a special marriage license to avoid scandal.

The queen was in no rush to wed the two because she was offended that Daphne turned down her nephew. Fans felt bad for Queen Charlotte since she felt embarrassed. But after Daphne and Simon pled their case, Charlotte realized their profound friendship was the base of their relationship and who was she to stand in between them.

At the start of season 2, Bridgerton fans found out that Lady Whistledown had been quiet since the end of the spring season. Although Whistledown was entertaining, she spread rumors and secrets that could one day catch up to the queen.

Although the queen enjoyed gossip, she felt her presence was strong enough to keep Lady Whistledown from ever writing again. But as viewers know, a new issue came out shortly after the queen said this.

In season 2's 'The Choice,' Anthony and Edwina's wedding day was approaching. While viewers were wondering who Anthony was going to pick (Edwina or her sister Kate), the queen was still focused on the scandalous sheets provided by Lady Whistledown.

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Since the wedding was on the queen's grounds and she knew the guests that were going, she had the brilliant plan to have Brimsley put out fake rumors. If the rumors made their way into Whistledown, the queen was that much closer to figuring out who Lady Whistledown was.

In this swoon-worthy quote said by the queen, she had no choice but to swallow her pride when Anthony and Edwina called off their wedding. The queen was offended, of course, because she hosted the wedding and had the event on her grounds, but who was she to tell someone who to love?

Although she was the queen, she recognized the importance of true love and didn't want Anthony and Edwina to get married out of duty. As much as it pained her to say, she agreed they should get married out of love, despite her offense.

It's not outwardly said but Lady Danbury was one of Queen Charlotte's closest friends and confidants. They conversed about Lady Whistledown but they primarily talked about that season's "it" couple.

Despite their friendship and trust, Queen Charlotte is still a queen. She had the higher rank and title, which meant Lady Danbury had to abide. As Lady Danbury kneeled in front of her to show her respect, Charlotte didn't let her get away with a lazy curtsy. She asked Lady Danbury if that was as low as she could go, to which Lady Danbury replied "With these knees, yes, your Majesty."

The queen's nephew was the Prince of Prussia and planned on going back home after his attempt at wooing Daphne failed. Charlotte was bothered by the entire situation and was annoyed when her nephew said goodbye.

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Instead of admitting defeat and accepting that Daphne chose Simon instead of royalty, she insulted her nephew by saying "Am I to believe you truly long for sweet pickles and sauerkraut" before he was ready to leave. Because the prince is single, fans are hoping he comes back in season 3 of Bridgerton. 

As queen, Charlotte was able to speak her mind without consequence. Some of the things she said were insulting but there was always an underlayer of humor to her remarks.

In the first season when the entire ton strolled the promenade, Daphne and Simon were the talks of the town after getting married. The queen wanted to speak to the newly married couple but had a hard time getting to them with so many people around. She hilariously compared everyone to sheep as she approached them and asked them about potential children.

After choosing Edwina Sharma as season 2's Diamond, Queen Charlotte showed her and her sister Kate around her palace's grounds with Lady Danbury. Edwina and Kate became two of the more likable characters because of their wisdom and down-to-earth personalities.

During the tour, Charlotte said this quote, which had diabolical undertones. As Kate and Edwina walked away, Lady Danbury realized the queen chose Edwina as the Diamond because she was new to town. Any person who had sly intentions with Edwina could very well be Lady Whistledown, solving Queen Charlotte's mission.

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