Bob's Burgers: Fan-casting A Live-Action Version Of The Show

The Bob's Burgers Movie is set for release on May 27, 2022, promising a pre-summer adventure as creative and lovable as Bob's Burger of the Day. For more than a decade, Bob's Burgers has been one of the best and most consistent animated TV shows. Ahead of the movie and its already-confirmed season 13, fans are excited for more Belcher fun and hilarity.

In light of massive strides for the Bob's Burgers franchise, many can only wonder what a live-action version of the show's most popular characters would look and sound like. After all, they've only seen America's burger-flipping family in animated form, so a fan cast is long overdue.

H. John Benjamin, the voice actor behind Bob Belcher, has created one of the most recognizable characters in animated TV simply based on his voice and tone. Any live-action fan-casting of Bob Belcher would likely fail to meet the standards that Benjamin has set, but Jon Hamm seems to be the next best fit. Having contributed to animated shows like Marvel's M.O.D.O.C.K. and Invincible, he's proven able to match a variety of roles well.

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Not only is he fit to voice the part of Bob Belcher, but he's also a near-perfect representation of what Bob might look like in real life. With a bushy mustache and a slightly arched back, Jon Hamm would be able to play the role exceptionally.

Animated TV's sassiest and most fun-loving mom is Linda, who sports a thick northern accent and a knack for singing her feelings. In some of Linda's best episodes, she is found hosting cage-match wrestling tournaments for her kids and their friends or reuniting with her high school girl band to prove herself an amazing singer.

While it's hard to match the energy that John Roberts brings to Linda's iconic character, Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus would be perfect for the role. With great experience in the sitcom realm and a close portrayal of Linda's appearance, Louis-Dreyfus could contribute a perfect New York accent for a live-action Linda.

If Bob's Burgers was a comic book show, Louise Belcher would be its anti-hero. Throughout her time on the show, she's always been the daughter that doesn't care for sentiment or typical things a nine-year-old girl would pine over. She's got a knack for pranks and causing mayhem, always making sure to drag her brother and sister into the mix.

Abby Ryder Fortson, best-known for her role as Cassie Lang in the Ant-Man movies, would play Louise well. Her mix of sass and sentiment would do well to show Louise's growth over time. Rocking a pink bunny-eared hat, she would compliment her Belcher family by bringing the energy and edge that Louise does to the animated screen, in real life.

First seen as the awkward boy with a burger costume and noise machine, Gene Belcher has over time become one of the most lovable and enjoyed characters on the show. Not only would Gene be a great best friend, but he also brings a level of comedic and childlike freedom that few other characters in sitcoms do.

The most suitable for live-action casting for the role of Gene is Archie Yates. With a breakout role as Yorki in Jojo Rabbit, Yates would contribute a perfect blend of comedic relief and genuineness that encompasses who Gene is. Hopefully, his own keyboard skills can live up to the world's greatest keyboard player.

Tina is the Belcher whose own fantasies are her happy place, whose love for horses and Jimmy Jr. rarely wanes. Her self-expression may be unconventional for a family like the Belchers, so she brings a certain refreshing (and frequently awkward) energy to the show. Whether writing zombie love stories or plotting her next attempt at an organic interaction with Jimmy Jr., she is always true to herself.

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Charlyne Yi, one of the stars of Steven Universewould bring a refreshing and accurate portrayal of Tina to a live-action show adaptation. Though humorous and extremely talented herself, she can portray awkward and uncomfortable situations (like in This Is 40) with just the right amount of fun and sincerity.

Outside of the Belcher family, there are several fantastic not-so-supporting characters in Bob's Burgers; the most popular of these is Teddy. A handyman and Bob's most loyal burger fanatic, Teddy has become somewhat of an Uncle figure to the Belcher kids and a close confidant of their parents.

Often characterized by blind trust in Bob, Teddy may be seen as a cherished and loving family man for the Belchers. Kevin James would play an impressive Teddy. One of the easiest comparisons might be his role as Paul Blart in the Mall Cop series, where he plays a lovable and often funny security guard looking out for the good of his community, even when his job seems bland.

One of the show's less favorable characters is Bob's rival restaurant owner, Jimmy Pesto, Sr. Jimmy Pesto owns a pizzeria directly across from Bob's Burgers, which always seems to steal away Bob's chance at good lunch rush sales. With a cocky attitude and the best one-liners (supported by his sidekick Trev's shouts: "ZOOM!"), Jimmy Pesto always gets under Bob's skin, causing him to often make wild decisions in competition.

Bobby Cannavale would be excellent as Bob's rival food guru. With an outstanding performance in The Irishman among other roles, he would be perfect at poking fun at Bob and conveying an unrelenting arrogance that the show's character possesses. Not to mention, his experience in the mobster film genre could benefit a more competitive and "don't mess with me" energy for a live-action adaptation.

If Jimmy Pesto, Sr. is a competitive, cocky, and tough man, then his son, often called Jimmy Jr., is the exact opposite. He is not particularly interested in taking up his father's mantle, but rather seems more passionate about dancing and living freely. The adolescent friend of the Belchers goes back and forth with his feelings towards Tina, never really confirming if they could become a couple.

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Noah Schnapp is a perfect fit for the role of an awkward Jimmy Jr. As he reprises his role in Stranger Things for Season 4 in the Summer of 2022, many fans of both shows might agree that he would be a good live-action star as Jimmy Jr. He would portray Jimmy in a way that might honor the animated character, while possibly bringing a flare for seriousness to the live-action screen with his prior experience.

Another side character that gets a good amount of screen time is Mr. Frond, the guidance counselor at Wagstaff. While Frond may be seen as toxic to those around him, others might find his lonely and sometimes helpless lifestyle a point of compassion. Frond regularly tries to counsel students but may have his interests in higher priority.

John C. Reilly might be the perfect casting for Mr. Frond, at least as far as appearance goes. Concerning voicing and character traits, he may have to tone back his bent for humor and lean into a melancholy and nerdy persona, at which point he would be a great live-action version.

Undoubtedly the show's most paranoid and cautious character, Linda's sister Gayle has some great, but mostly chaotic moments on-screen. Her most characterizing episode might be when she was trying to make it to the Belcher house for Thanksgiving, only to encounter multiple obstacles (like a snowstorm and an injured foot) with Bob along the way.

Debra Jo Rupp, star of That 70's Show, would be nearly perfect for the role of Gayle. Her voice is spot-on to match Gayle's high and dainty tone. While she may be older than the animated show's character, she would bring life, energy, and age diversity to a live-action show that wouldn't be the same if someone else was cast as Gayle.

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