Better Call Saul Star Reacts to Season 6 Midseason Finale Twist

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Better Call Saul episode 7, season 6.

After the midseason finale, Patrick Fabian, who plays Howard Hamlin on Better Call Saul, reacted to his character's fate in "Plan and Execution." Better Call Saul is in the middle of its sixth and final season and will return to screens with its last episodes on July 11th. The show's remaining episodes are expected to conclude the story of the Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul universe, which has included two live-action series, a feature film, and an animated tie-in.

As one of the main recurring characters in Better Call Saul, Howard has acted as one of Jimmy McGill's primary rivals throughout the show's six-season run. Initially, the character was entirely dislikable, working to block the careers of Jimmy and Kim Wexler on behalf of Jimmy's brother, Chuck McGill. Since the death of Chuck in season 3, the show has taken the time to add significant amounts of depth to his character, showing sides to his personal life like his failing marriage and his time in therapy. However, the character's story ended abruptly with the midseason finale, when Lalo Salamanca killed him after a poorly timed confrontation with Jimmy and Kim.

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Speaking to THR, Fabian reacted to his character's death describing it as a "gut punch." The actor also reflected on the fact that, even before his death, Howard's life had been turned upside down by Kim and Jimmy, saying that the two characters "undressed him in his own office and exposed him" with humiliating effect. Describing what it was like when he first read the script for the episode, the actor shared that he had a "sense of dread" as soon as Lalo entered the scene. Check out Fabian's comments below:

I was on Howard’s side. He’s like a prophet who has seen the burning bush, but nobody believes in burning bushes. And he’s got the evidence to back it up; he cracks the case. He knows he’s right, but it doesn’t work out. And by the time Lalo comes in during that final scene, I also had a sense of dread when I was reading it. As an actor, there’s still a plausible deniability in you that this is actually going to happen, and then when I read it, it was so abrupt and such a turn. But it also feels like Howard is done in that office scene with Cliff [Ed Begley Jr.]. He tries to explain it, but Cliff is like, “It’s over. Even if you’re right, it’s over.” Jimmy and Kim have undressed him in his own office and exposed him. It’s a humiliation of untold proportions, and then the final scene is just a real gut punch.

Audiences who have kept up with the events of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul won't have been too surprised by the death of Howard, as the two series have had no concerns about killing off major characters in the past. While it might not prompt the same emotional reaction as previous deaths, audiences will be able to relate to Fabian's description of the scene as a 'gut-punch,' as Howard was wholly undeserving of his demise. Nevertheless, the scene itself was still both shocking and brutal, finally showing how the consequences of Jimmy and Kim's affiliation with the cartel came back to haunt them.

The death of Howard Hamlin at the hands of Lalo will undoubtedly have significant repercussions on Better Call Saul moving forward, namely in how it will impact Kim. Audiences familiar with Breaking Bad know that Kim is no longer with Jimmy when he starts working with Walter White, with many theories either suggesting that the character is killed or escapes with a new identity after becoming too intertwined with the dangerous plans of the cartel. "Plan and Execution" makes it increasingly likely that Kim's fate will be dealt with by Ed the Disappearer, whose services were hinted at in the preceding episode "Axe and Grind." However, audiences will have to wait until July before they discover what is really in store for Kim and whether or not Better Call Saul will pull off yet another major twist.

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