Better Call Saul: 10 More Breaking Bad Spinoffs Fans Would Love To See, According To Reddit

Only a few episodes of Better Call Saul are remaining but there are still many unanswered questions about the main characters, Jimmy, Kim, Lalo, Gus Fring, Mike, and Howard. Fans can thus be guaranteed that there'll be plenty of shockers, but are left wondering what happens thereafter and if there will be another Breaking Bad spinoff.

Actor Giancarlo Esposito has already expressed interest in doing a spinoff about Gus Fring (per Screen Rant), but it's debatable whether this is the best way forward. While some fans feel it's time for the universe to come to an end, others believe there is still a lot more potential. And users on Reddit have come up with ideas for the perfect spinoffs.

Gray Matter Technologies is described as a billion-dollar company in Breaking Bad but fans wonder what it was like during the early stages. Crispy_socks241 feels fans need "a prequel showing Walt and Gretchen and Elliot creating Gray Matter and what happened to destroy their relationships."

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Such a series would work well by specifically focussing on science and business, instead of crime. While Walt showcases his chemistry skills brilliantly in the original series, viewers never get to see how became such a guru. The show could thus explore Walt's early years at Caltech as he specializes in X-ray crystallography to his research about photon radiography which won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. And it would definitely be fun seeing Walt having a wholesome romantic relationship with Gretchen before things fall apart.

MikeyyLikeyy69 says "everyone keeps on talking about Walt Jr taking over but I think it’s more realistic Skyler gets into the business." This might just be the perfect way to answer the question of what happens to Skyler after Walt's death.

It isn't a far-fetched idea because Skyler proves the has what it takes to venture into crime by starting the A1A Car Wash in order to launder Walt's drug money. She's great at recruiting and blackmailing too, something that becomes evident through her associations with Saul, Bogdan, Huell, and Kirby. Most importantly, Skyler knows how to get out of trouble without having to shoot her way through it. That's what she does when the IRS comes after Ted Beneke.

GlennQuagglechek champions a Gus Fring spinoff by simply saying it "would be the most compelling." Gus is indeed a formidable character so the Redditor could be right.

Though the drug distributor is already in Better Call Saul, he is more of an accessory rather than the engine. A story about his earlier years in Chile and his move to America would be rousing. Through it, fans can also get to learn more about his slain business partner cum friend, Maximino "Max" Arciniega.

Skinny Pete and Badger are undoubtedly two of the funniest Breaking Bad characters. And therein lies an opportunity. Redditor czer81 brings up the idea of "a comedy with Badger and Skinny Pete after they go into witness protection."

Creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould already missed the opportunity to make Better Call Saul a comedy, given how funny Saul was in Breaking Bad. But the door is still open for them to go that route with Skinny Pete and Badger. From hilarious interrogation scenes to taking on new identities, there is no shortage of stories to tell.

RoyalyMcBoo would love to see a spinoff about a minor character like Hugo, who Walt allowed to take the fall for the lab theft. They comment, "Imagine the possibilities!"

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The writers could go anywhere with Hugo. He could escape from prison, find out the truth and come after Walt's family or he could just be a prisoner, fighting for his freedom via the legal system, hence making it the perfect legal drama with no cartel involvement. Through him, the flaws of the judicial system can be underscored.

Mike is already one of the best Better Call Saul characters but there are possibilities for other takes on his character. RepresentativeBison7 believes "a show about Mike's earlier years as a street cop would be really cool."

To distinguish itself from the rest, the show could take the format of a police procedural. Since Mike has previously mentioned that he was a dirty cop because bad guys end up falling away, the manner in which he handles criminals is guaranteed to be very unconventional. Events could stretch as far back as his time as a Marine scout sniper in the Vietnam War.

MyLifeSupreme thinks the best idea would be for "a sequel with new characters with small references to Breaking Bad, They also suggest a story idea. writing, "a random person discovering Walt's money and realizing many people are after it."

Such an angle could be better received because Better Call Saul has been accused of leaning on fan service at times. There's be no familiar characters. Just new faces existing in the same universe. Some of the best Breaking Bad locations can be kept too as a reminder that this is still a spinoff.

A "Narcos style show, following all of the different branches of the cartel" wouldn't be so bad, according to TimIsColdInMaine. And that would mainly focus on the Juarez cartel.

Fans that love Breaking Bad for the action will enjoy such a spinoff. With the exception of Lalo and Nacho, most cartel members have been used as side characters, and exploring them more keenly would result in a Narcos type of show as the Redditor puts it. Watching The Cousins take out rival gang members and Don Eladio ordering hits might be satisfying.

Flynn is a one-dimensional character in the original show but written as a more fleshed-out one. BikesBooksNBass comes up with an interesting idea where he "becomes a DEA agent and "takes on an ultra-violent drug lord who ultimately you find out is Brock."

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Flynn becoming a DEA agent makes sense since he hated Walt and idolized Hank. Since he doesn't have Hanks' physicality, an analyst or tech role fits him better. Moreover, grown and villainous Brock will have all the motivation he needs to go after Flynn because Walt once poisoned him whereas Jesse's actions led to the death of his mother.

Skinny Pete once mentions that he was in prison with Tuco at Los Lunas. ConstructionOdd5269, therefore, suggests a spinoff about Tuco "planning his revenge against Mike for landing him in prison and Skinny Pete’s slide from piano prodigy to meth dealer."

At the start of Better Call Saul, it seemed like Tuco would be a big part of the show but then he got jailed and has missed out on a couple of seasons. Since he hasn't been featured frequently, digging deeper into his background story via a prison-themed series isn't such a bad idea. And Badger would definitely be an important part of the story.

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