Berserk's Iconic Armor Gets a Kaiju Twist in Shonen Jump's Next Big Manga

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Kaiju No. 8 chapter 62!

A weaponized kaiju corpse is affecting a character from the manga Kaiju No. 8 similarly to how Guts had to endure the horrors inflicted upon him by the Berserker Armor in Berserk. In Berserk, Guts takes full advantage of the so-called Berserker Armor he acquires early on in his journey to help him defeat powerful apostles and demons he would otherwise lose against. The armor might be able to provide Guts with such power but there are some major drawbacks.

Imbued with a violent od aka magic, the Berserker Armor instills strong negative emotions such as fear and rage in Guts' mind, causing Guts to lose himself within an almost inexorable berserker state that worsens the longer he dons the cursed item. These emotions become so deeply ensconced in his mind that Guts doesn't feel any pain for as long as he wears the Berserker to the point where, after shattering his bones, he can still move - even fight. Once the armor is removed, however, Guts experiences the full extent of the pain he would have felt originally had he never worn the Berserker Armor, which could result in death.

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In chapter 62 of Kaiju No. 8 by Naoya Matsumoto, a character named Reno Ichikawa undergoes a similar experience when donning the deceased body of Kaiju No. 6, which has been weaponized for him to use in battle. Syncing with the weapon causes Ichikawa to experience some serious side effects that are exacerbated by the heat of battle. Rather than fueling him with intense emotions like the Berserker Armor does with Guts, the weaponized Kaiju No. 6 causes Reno's desires and human nature to "bubble up to the surface," culminating in Ichikawa performing well beyond what was expected of him. Similar to Guts, the syncing process leads to Ichikawa pushing past his limits, which, in turn, starts destroying his body.

There are some notable differences between the two. It appears as though Kaiju No. 8's Ichikawa can still feel pain when he's synced with the weaponized kaiju corpse. His enhanced desires become so strong that pain isn't enough of a deterrent to stop him from doing whatever is causing him to feel excruciating pain. The syncing process also can't make Ichikawa perform the impossible, unlike the Berserker Armor that enables Guts to move even when he's broken most of his bones. It's clearl that Ichikawa can't continue using his leg once it breaks in chapter 62.

Interestingly, both characters seem to gain clarity when donning these highly manipulative items through the help of a close friend. In Berserk, wearing the armor causes dark energy to enshroud Guts within the metaphysical plane. Only his witch companion Schierke is able to pull back the energy covering his eyes, allowing Guts to gain control over his actions and even maintain his personality. The same ostensibly happens by the end of the latest chapter in Kaiju No. 8 when Ichikawa's comrade Iharu Furuhashi is able to break the hold that the weaponized Kaiju No. 6 has on Ichikawa with feelings of friendship and trust. Although the Berserker Armor is understandably much more terrifying than the kaiju weapon, it's still a welcome development for fans of Berserk who never expected to see such a reference in Kaiju No. 8.

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