Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to Spawn Your Island Rocks Together

Wouldn't it be easier in Animal Crossing: New Horizons if every essential item necessary for crafting were all gathered in one place from the start of the game? While trees are easy to manipulate in ACNH and place anywhere around the island, rocks, however, are not so accommodating. Players usually start with one or two, but gradually the max number of rocks available grows to 6.

Unlike trees, players can hit them up to 8-9 consecutively instead of 3 for stones, ore, and clay to drop from them. Sometimes bugs and money will fall, but essentially running around the island every day for the purpose of farming them isn't the best example of being productive. So how about putting them all in the same place?

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Every player has their own way of designing their island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, so being able to freely move any object around would be the most ideal function the game should have to offer. Unfortunately, a few of these services don't come cheap such as bridges, inclines, and house/building relocation while everything else requires a tremendous amount of time to do, which would be terraforming in ACNH. Of course, making these projects look good requires the combination of tools and the creation of items to make it look aesthetically pleasing. So with all this work to do, here is a quick guide to further increase productivity by placing all available rocks for farming in a convenient, intimate location.

If running around the island farming those rocks start to lose its charm, the next best step is to bring them all together in one easy to access location. But first, let's explain how rocks work. Rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons only spawn in places where there is an empty 3x3 space available. What's tricky about this is knowing what objects would make it difficult or cause a disruption in this process. By destroying them, and seeing where they respawn the next day, or by observing what objects may or may not already be close to the rocks currently on the island, players could figure out on their own how to manipulate this. Any object that does not include flowers, weeds, dirt and/or gravel paths can and will "disrupt" or the location of a rock spawn in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Cliff sides, trees, and bodies of water can also affect where rocks spawn, as players will notice there will always be at least one space between the rocks and these objects.

Of course, rocks only spawn on dirt or grass so setting up a stone path, for example, might restrict where it spawns, but will not inhibit rocks from spawning right next to it. Flowers, weeds, and the paths merely affect where nearby the rock will spawn and can be used as a tool to correctly position them. While there are many ways of doing this including terraforming in ACNH, one YouTube content creator by the name of MayorMori uses mannequins to prevent rocks from spawning around the island and placing them in a rock garden.

Players will want to leave a mannequin every 4th space vertically and horizontally from the other. This is so the rocks will have nowhere to go since every single space will have a mannequin in the vicinity. If there is another solid object in the way, simply leave a space or two between it and the mannequin and continue the process. The main reason mannequins work would be, while they can be a tad cumbersome to spawn, it will decrease the overall clean up time from a few hours to a few seconds.

Players should simply change the pattern in the design app on the phone and poof, every mannequin on the island will disappear instantly. And if players are unsure how to place mannequins in ACNH, simply go into the design app, select an empty pattern, select Display, and Mannequin. Once players finish the setup, find your ideal location, and get to work. After 5 days after, all the rocks should be in their desired location but if time traveling is involved, make sure to load the game after moving forward one day at a time. Have fun decorating the new rock location in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible!

An alternate way to block rocks from spawning is to place ACNH’s patterns or rock walkways. These prevent rocks from spawning on top of them and instead force them to appear directly next to them. However, this process is more arduous and requires players to be very thorough when placing down patterns. This process may take time, so players should be prepared beforehand when trying to spawn rocks at their desired spots. It’s also worth pointing out that only three rocks can spawn in a given grid, which means players should plan ahead before placing patterns and bridges. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons only spawns one rock a day, the entire process can take up to six days.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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