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Warning: Contains SPOILERS for 365 Days: This Day

The 365 Days sequel 365 Days: This Day leaves its heroine Laura in a pretty perilous place, and the fate of the franchise’s protagonist is still up in the air when the movie’s credits roll. The original 365 Days was controversial upon its 2020 release, not least because of the erotic drama’s shocking ending. After the stoic but secretly sweet mafia don Massimo held the movie’s heroine hostage for the titular period of time until she was willing to fall in love with him, Laura warmed to Massimo and finally accepted his advances. However, just as in the original, Laura finds herself in unusual circumstances by the end of 365 Days: This Day.

By the ending of 365 Days, the duo had consummated their relationship and were seemingly set for a happy ending, but tragedy struck when Laura was seemingly killed in an out-of-nowhere car crash. Unsurprisingly, the sequel retconned this ending almost immediately by revealing it was a classic fake-out death. Much like its forerunner, 365 Days: This Day also ended by leaving Laura’s life-or-death fate in question.

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At the end of 365 Days: This Day’s convoluted story, Laura’s secondary love interest Nacho and Massimo team up to save her from Massimo’s ex, Anna, and Massimo's secret identical twin brother, Adriano. This confrontation leads to a Mexican standoff, shots are fired, and Anna, Adriano, and Laura are all hit. Although the odds of Laura’s survival don’t look good (she was in a pretty traumatic car accident only a year earlier and takes a direct hit during the gunfight, bleeding quite copiously in the closing scene), viewers shouldn’t discount the 365 Days heroine yet. The news that the 365 Days star Anna-Maria Sieklucka will return in the third movie of the series proves that Laura will indeed survive these events, although it is not yet clear how.

It is not impossible that someone shot in the stomach (as Laura appears to be in the movie’s closing moments) would survive such an injury, particularly when the fabulously wealthy Massimo likely has access to pretty great healthcare. Not only that, but he’s also last seen cradling Laura’s unconscious body at the end of 365 Days: This Day, whereas in the original 365 Days, Massimo wasn’t present at the scene of Laura’s car accident. As a result, Massimo is better equipped to immediately seek medical help or provide basic first aid, giving Laura a better chance at recovery than the original 365 Days offered her.

Perhaps the best indication of Laura’s fate can be found in the third novel in the 365 Days series. In that Wuthering Heights-inspired sequel, Laura makes a swift recovery from her gunshot wound but ends up leaving Massimo for Nacho, prompting the enraged antihero to take a leaf out of Heathcliff’s book and kill her dog. As the above sentence implies, though, Netflix has understandably opted to change some details from the original 365 Days novel series in their movie adaptations (Laura also loses a pregnancy when she is shot in the second novel whereas, in the 365 Days movies, she loses this pregnancy earlier during her car crash). As such, there’s no guarantee that this will be Laura’s fate in the sequel to 365 Days: This Day, even though it seems almost certain that the 365 Days heroine will survive to see the next movie in the series.

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