10 British Stars Who Deserve Biopics, According To Reddit

While it seems that famous UK personalities don't receive nearly as many biopics as their counterparts in the US, fans of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are excited for the upcoming biopic based on the pair to hit the big screen. The UK has produced some of the biggest stars, whose fascinating stories have inspired generations young and old. However, while some of these influential figures have seen their backstories adapted for the big screen, there are still many famous faces whose tales have yet to receive the cinematic treatment.

These British icons have led some particularly interesting lives, which could make for some intriguing motion pictures. Cinephiles on Reddit, in particular, are hoping for these prolific celebrities to receive their own biopics, as they believe their personal histories deserve to be told.

Known mostly as a horror movie icon, Christopher Lee was one of Hammer Horror's biggest stars. Appearing as Dracula across seven of the production company’s films, he became synonymous with the iconic Bram Stoker character, and his popularity in this role has led to Reddit’s Cartoon Beardy expressing his wish for "a series of films.”

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Christopher Lee’s military career could produce some especially tense action sequences, with the horror star having served as an armed guard for the Finnish Army during World War 2. The actor also experienced a devastating blow to his desire to become a Royal Air Force pilot, when he developed a problem with his optic nerve, which resulted in his medical officer advising he could never fly again (via All That's Interesting).

Assuming the role of the Third Doctor in Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee became one of British TV’s most famous stars. Reddit’s CaptainChampion believes he would be perfect for a biopic, amusingly comparing the actor’s life story to “all of the James Bond movies.”

With the star having led a life full of many surprises, there are still many things audiences may not realize about Jon Pertwee, which would make for a wild and unpredictable biopic movie. The actor's most surprising occupations saw him working as a secret agent (BBC News) and a circus performer (BBC Radio 4) before joining the showbiz world. Jon Pertwee also became known as a talented water skier, performing his impressive skills as part of a televised water ski circus in 1964, illustrating his remarkable versatility (Pathe).

As one of the world’s most famous scientists, Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution have sparked much discussion since his unfortunate demise in 1882. Darwin’s historical importance has made Reddit’s Mango_Flango surprised that his life has yet to be turned into a movie, commenting that he was a “kinda tragic” figure.

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Charles Darwin experienced a considerable amount of heartbreak during his later years, with the famed scientist losing his daughter at the age of 10, according to Darwin Project. This shockingly premature death could deliver audiences one of cinema’s most emotional biopics, as Charles Darwin is forced to contend with his daughter’s untimely demise.

Sean Connery starred in one of James Bond’s most emotional movies, originating the role of the suave and sophisticated spy on the big screen. The star’s fame as the original James Bond has seen Reddit user TheRealCrazy express their excitement at the thought of a biopic, enthusiastically proclaiming “Sean Connery!!!” to be most deserving of a cinematic feature.

The actor’s biopic could work nicely as a “rags to riches” storyline, with Sean Connery having initially struggled financially before securing the part of James Bond, as recalled in the book "Sean Connery: Shaken Not Stirred." Additionally, the Scottish film star worked for some of cinema’s most notable directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg, solidifying his place as one of the Film Industry’s biggest names.

Considered one of Hammer Horror's main stars, Peter Cushing’s extensive filmography covered some of the Media Industry’s biggest properties. The actor gave some of the best performances in films including Star Wars: A New Hope and Dr. Who And The Daleks, and it’s these impressive screen credits that made Reddit’s Sakura_Leaves proclaim that Peter Cushing should “definitely get” a biopic movie.

A Peter Cushing movie could prove an especially sweet and feel-good movie, with his early years seeing him put on puppet shows for his family. The screen actor also displayed a surprising vulnerability behind-the-scenes and was known to have had frequent meltdowns during his adult life according to the book "Christopher Lee And Peter Cushing And Horror Cinema," which could potentially create a flawed and relatable protagonist for a cinematic feature.

Regarded as history's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace was one of the world's most recognized mathematicians. Her impressive work on Charles Baggage's "Analytical Engine" computer created one of the 19th century's most fascinating stories, and Reddit poster StarMapleLeaf is hopeful to see this tale told on the big screen, describing her as the "founder of scientific computing."

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Ada Lovelace's dark childhood could lead to some especially hard-hitting scenes for a biopic, with the young Ada losing her father at the age of only eight years old, according to Historic UK. Her later life is equally as interesting, which saw her becoming the Countess of Lovelace after marrying the Earl of Lovelace, William King, suggesting a biopic could be a particularly engaging feature.

Raised in Kent, Ian Fleming achieved global fame as the author of the James Bond book series, which spawned several of cinema's greatest movies. His work on the popular spy novels, as well as his writing of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book, has led to Reddit's Reddstudent asking for a biopic, despite Aardvark218 acknowledging that "there was a TV Series about Fleming recently starring Dominic Cooper."

A film would provide a grander scope to tell Ian Fleming's thrilling story, as the bigger budget would allow for some of the more explosive aspects of his life as a naval intelligence officer to be fully realized onscreen. His involvement in the secret services mission "Project Goldeneye" provided a major inspiration for his spy series, and a biopic could explore this in great detail, allowing audiences to discover James Bond's real-life origins (Hitc).

Liverpool has produced many of the media industry's biggest names, and among the most famous are The Beatles and the band's catchy pop numbers attracted a massive global audience. Their major impact on popular culture has resulted in Reddit poster BrendanClittle requesting a "definitive Beatles biopic."

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The Beatles' lives could transition into a dark and depressing narrative, in parts, as John Lennon's controversial views on religion as well as George Harrison's unfortunate cancer diagnosis lead to the bandmates' untimely deaths. The musicians were also rumored to have developed an unhealthy drug obsession, according to Beatles Bible, which could offer a deep and powerful plot point for a biopic feature.

Dame Diana Rigg first became known for her stellar portrayal of secret agent Emma Peel in The Avengers. Her more recent credits saw her entertain new audiences as the sarcastic Queen Of Thorns Lady Olenna Tyrell in Game Of Thrones, as well as All Creatures Great And Small's quirky dog owner, Mrs. Pumphrey. The actor's extensive filmography has seen Reddit's Frazzledsoul ask for a biopic where "Natalie Dormer plays Diana Rigg."

A Dame Diana Rigg biopic could raise some interesting questions regarding the exploitative nature of the media industry, with the star having famously demonstrated a strong dislike towards being presented as a sex symbol during her early years. Furthermore, the Yorkshire-born actor was unhappy with the lack of privacy that came from her celebrity status, providing some engaging personal conflict for a cinematic feature, as reported by The Guardian.

British literature has delivered some of the world's most beloved books, and some of the greatest novels came from the mind of Roald Dahl. Beginning with his 1942 wartime story "A Piece Of Cake," the author soon branched out to writing children’s books, releasing some of the most popular kids' publications. Reddit user Plasterboad33 believes his story deserves to be told as a film, stating his "shock" that the movie has yet to be made.

Dealing with a bout of depression following his daughter Olivia's death at only seven years of age, Roald Dahl's backstory is one full of tragedy according to The Guardian, which would lead to a particularly emotional watch. The author also held an infamous dislike of the beloved 1971 adaption Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, disagreeing with the film's casting of Gene Wilder in the title role, as reported by Yahoo Movies, which could make for an especially shocking watch for the movie's devoted fans.

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