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Horror fans love and appreciate fascinating and artistic movies about serious topics, but sometimes, a silly and goofy story seems like the best idea. There is often a lot of gore and a high body count in these types of films, and fans know that they're going to watch something that will be captivating and engaging.

From a fun slasher crossover movie to some super gory films that have very entertaining plots, Reddit fans are sharing their picks for horror movies that are anything but serious. Some of these movies are beloved and have gotten mainstream attention and others might have flown under the radar a bit.

10 Freddy Vs Jason (2003)

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Freddy vs. Jason is an entertaining crossover of the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street franchises, and Redditor EMLZ666 called it "fun" with "Lot of truly awesome moments."

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Watching Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees fight each other will never not be funny and exciting, and fans of both franchises were eager to see how this battle would shake out. Jason quickly becomes a real threat. The film also has a good story of teenage characters dealing with the highs and lows of high school life.

9 Scream (2022)

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Scream (2022) is not only an excellent entry in the classic franchise, but it's also an enjoyable story that fans will likely continue to turn to when they want a movie with a sense of humor.

One Redditor called the fifth movie "fun and doesn't take itself to seriously while paying homage." Fans like how the movie provides enough details connecting all of the films together while being something all of its own. Scream (2022)'s memorable characters are also a reason to watch the film.

8 Ghost Team (2016)

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Ghost Team tells the story of Louis, who is having a hard time in life and who wants to look into something supernatural. He starts working with a security guard named Ross, a medium named Victoria, his nephew Zak, and his friends Stan and Ellie. The friend group thinks that a barn is haunted and tries to find some spirits, but they find something else instead.

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Redditor TexasManticore called this movie "enjoyable fun" and added, "There's one scene with the medium towards the end that is just amazing."

7 Scary Movie (2000)

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Redditor Fred_Gaedecks said "Scary Movie" is a silly horror movie recommendation, and the movie is definitely a lot of fun for fans who have seen many horror franchises, including Scream which much of the movie is inspired by.

Cindy Campbell, a take on Neve Campbell's famous character Sidney Prescott, has to deal with Ghostface while also wondering if she should sleep with Bobby, her boyfriend. Scary Movie has many jokes that adults understand better than children do.

6 Monster Party (2018)

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In a thread of recommendations for silly slasher movies, Redditor BarkT013 recommended Monster Party and wrote, "it takes a little while to get started but once it does the gore piles up."

The title alone suggests a goofy and campy horror movie, and in Monster Party, Dodge, Iris, and Casper work together to rob people. When they pretend to cater a party at a mansion where they hope to make lots of money, horror ensues.

5 Seed Of Chucky (2004)

The Chucky franchise is always a good bet for something silly and Redditor Fred_Gaedecks recommended "Chucky 4 and 5" for fans looking for this type of movie.

Chucky will always be a terrifying doll and in Seed of Chucky, fans learn more about Glen, Tiffany and Chucky's child. Glen wants to spend time with Tiffany and Chucky and goes to find them. The movie is pretty goofy yet intense, resulting in a wild and fast-paced journey.

4 Feast (2005)

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Redditor SF05 posted that horror fans should watch Feast as it's "definitely a silly, high body count, gorefest creature feature."

Feast is about a terrifying and gross-looking creature who hunts the other characters. The movie doesn't give the character names but, instead, calls them Hero, Heroine, Beer Guy, Honey Pie, and so on, which is a smart, interesting, and deliberate move that gives the story many more layers.

3 Satanic Panic (2019)

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Redditor 304libco posted that "Satanic Panic" is another good recommendation for horror movies that are on the sillier and campier side.

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The movie's title definitely suggests that it's not very serious. Sam Craft delivers pizza as her job, and she meets Danica Ross and the demonic coven that she runs. This is one of the worst things that Sam could do as she finds out that Danica wanted to sacrifice her own daughter, Judi, but then wanted to murder Judi since she isn't a virgin.

2 Slither (2006)

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Redditor undead_shadow_ suggested Slither as a great silly and fun horror movie, writing, "it's one of my all time favorites."

Starla Grant lives in South Carolina, and a meteorite results in an alien parasite arriving in her town. As Starla's husband Grant begins changing, she wonders if he has been taken over, and soon she's in a fight for her life. The opposite of a serious horror movie, Slither is a solidly funny story. Slither might not be one of Elizabeth Banks's best movies but it's fun to see the actor in this type of film.

1 The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (2020)

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When it comes to silly horror films, Redditor Backabeyond77 recommended The Wolf Of Snow Hollow and wrote, "I really liked it."

In this entertaining movie, a werewolf arrives in a town in Utah, which causes some serious chaos. It's fun to imagine what would happen to a small town if this happened and this movie provides a fairly good answer.

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