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Rumspringa is one of Netflix's latest original releases, a movie that celebrates coming of age, exploring new places and meeting new people, but that also shows the battles one can face when breaking away from how they've been raised.

Overall, the film is categorized as a heart-felt comedy, but there are many layers to this new movie. For fans who may not have enjoyed the whole movie, just certain parts, there are other titles that best match bits and pieces of Netflix's Rumspringa.

The French film Raw is a slightly horrifying coming of age story. Young Justine, who is a vegetarian, was forced to eat raw meat as a part of a hazing ritual at her veterinary school. She soons fins she has a craving for anything similar to it. As she learns to accept and embrace these weird new cravings, strange things happen to her friends, family and herself.

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While the tone is a complete 180 from Netflix's Rumspringa — this horror film is anything but heartfelt — but it still carries the basic coming of age story. It shows the darker side of discovering who you are and how to accept things that others might think make you a monster.

In Remember The Titans, Herman Boone and Bill Yoast have to learn to work together to help train the football team. The two were each the head coaches at their respective high schools when things were segregated, but now that they are combined, the two must teach each other and the team that they can work together and still be a great football team.

Learning how to live, thrive, and work with others in a new environment isn't always easy, and Rumspringa and Remember The Titans show viewers the good, the bad, and the ugly of what can come from change. Ultimately, going through change can be eye-opening.

The classic film Ferris Bueller's Day Off has been known and referenced for decades. Even though the show based on the ever popular film failed, the movie still holds up. As a story about a boy who breaks the rules constantly to live leisurely, this movie still holds up today. Even though the film is over thirty years old, it is still a great comedy film.

Similar to Rumsrpinga, the movie content stays light-hearted, at least for the most part, and just explores young teens that are just looking to have fun. Cameron seems to be the voice of reason, as there is always one person that is in these sorts of films, but even he ends up getting swayed and enjoys his time. Seeing a group of kids learn to enjoy their lives, even if it means breaking a few rules, is always a breath of fresh air.

Wes Anderson is a very well-known director, and Moonrise Kingdom is one of the films he is known for. This love story embodies the unique adventure that ensues as two kids go on to run away from home. The adventure, the love story, and the exceptionally dry humor as the Suzy and Sam become pen pals and then plan to run off together is one of the many reasons this film many nominations for both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

For a unique take on a love story, this is the film to choose from, and there are even many movies like Moonrise Kingdom. The film itself is labeled as a dramedy (drama and comedy) combined with romance which doesn't stray too far away from many of the core parts of Rumspringa. 

A movie that addresses the highs and lows of growing up under a specific belief is Lady BirdLady Bird grows up on the west coast going to a Catholic high school which she hates, and she exhibits many regular behaviors of teens that are trying to figure who they are and what they want to do. The movie is filled with arguments, support, lies, love and much much more as fans watch Lady Bird's coming-of-age story.

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Lady Bird and Rumspringa both cover what it is like to grow up in a religious household, and portray one possibility of what it might be like to break away from the normal expectations that come with that religion. Each has its own unique take on the good and the bad, but Lady Bird shows more of the perspective from a Catholic female.

There are many Tarantino trademarks in his famous movie Inglorious Basterds. In Inglorious Basterds a group of Jewish soldiers from the U.S. band together to assassinate Nazi leaders. When the soldier's paths cross with a young Jewish refugee who witnessed her family getting murdered by Nazis a mission that will never be forgotten begins.

This movie is perfect for anyone looking for something that has some World War II, or Jewish-American history in it. While it is by no means a documentary, the story it tells still bears some truth to the events that happened during that time.

A movie that deserves more attention is Everything Is Illuminated. Starring Elijah Wood, who plays the young Jewish American that is obsessed with collecting things, the film follows along as he goes on an adventure to find out more about the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II.

As Wood's character learns more about his past, viewers are educated more on the war and the relationship that some people had with Nazis, soldiers, and innocents. Everything Is Illuminated is a great film that explores more into the Jewish American culture and how there may be more secrets to it than expected.

Bo Burnham's movie, Eighth Gradeis not as well known as much of his other stuff is, even though the movie was certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. The coming of age film is about an eighth-grader who is about to entire high school but believes that no one knows the real her.

By making a YouTube channel where she makes videos of her thoughts, and dreams, and shows her true colors, the movie becomes incredibly relatable. Burnham depicts the emotions that anyone at that age, or anyone who is trying to figure out who they are, can experience. The film is even considered one of the best indie coming-of-age movies.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower explores the different emotions that high schoolers can experience. From suffering from PTSD and depression to learning how to make friends and fit in in fast-changing environments, the movie touches on lots of sensitive topics that are all very real things that kids that age can go through.

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While there are some hardships the characters go through, it is also a coming-of-age story as Charlie and his friends all figure out who they are and what works for them before they graduate high school. It is a different type of coming-of-age story, as some parts can get very real and be a bit dark for some viewers, but the story holds a lot of truth.

The 65-year-old musical was recently remade, but the story didn't change too much. There was still drama, crime, and romance throughout the entire story. A forbidden love story drove the musical as two street gangs battled things out on the streets of New York. Overcoming conflict and diversity is a major part of this musical.

Trying to fit in in a place where the culture is not the same as what the main character is used to shows up in both West Side Story and Rumspringa. Both offer a different taste of what it might be like to experience this, as well as giving a love story to go along with it.

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