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Unravel Two is a gorgeous game that continues to take advantage of the advancements in next-gen consoles. It's perfect for co-op play and is a real family-friendly hit, in an industry that perhaps so often prioritizes solo play. It might not quite be a party game, but it's certainly one that can be played alongside an adventuring partner who wants to embark on this woolen journey.

For those who love Unravel Two, there are several other side-scrolling, puzzle, and cooperative couch titles to check out that hit upon some of the same themes, visuals, or gameplay elements that this game has become so well known for. Unravel 3 probably isn't happening, but that doesn't mean the adventure has to end.

Unravel Two combines so many fun elements, many of which the vast amount of LEGO video game titles also reflect. They are accessible to absolutely anyone and whether it's an original narrative or perhaps a familiar tale, their stories are just as expressive as that of the Unravel series.

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There's imaginative creativity here that shouldn't be overlooked and the humor of the TT Games series is second-to-none. The puzzles are detailed, and the side-scrolling and platformer elements have continued to evolve, but ultimately fans of Unravel Two would surely love one of the many LEGO games on offer.

It Takes Two is a recent release but one that's gone from strength to strength. Its incredible visuals and brilliant mini-games are just scratching the surface of what this co-op game has to offer. The lead characters themselves feel very much in the spirit of Unravel Two. 

Hazelight Studios and EA have crafted something that doesn't have a single-player option, which is such a unique choice, encouraging people to play together. It's fast-paced and nuanced in its storytelling, but completely wacky in many of its concepts.

Working together is a massive element of Unravel Two and the Overcooked sequel is the height of the series, forcing players once again to co-operate. Teaming up to take on the zombie hoard of food, players have to cook all kinds of complicated dishes and dish them out at rapid speeds.

The settings that players have to maneuver and the types of foods they have to put together keep this title interesting. The gameplay elements are completely straightforward, but with simplicity can come to a lot of room to creatively change what's expected of the audience. This is a party game at its finest with plenty of unexpected moments from Team17 and Ghost Town Games.

Moving Out from SMG Studio, Devm Games and Team17 very much feels in the same family as Overcooked from a visual and mechanical perspective. It's a freewheeling kind of title to navigate, with players once again co-operating in several out-there situations.

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The duo at the lead of the title have to ensure that their client's items are moved out of their house and into the designated van. There's something strange afoot though as a small-scale narrative develops alongside the chaotic and hilarious puzzle-like gameplay.

The Nintendo Switch hosts so many brilliant platforms for allowing people to play together, although Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker still works as a solo adventure. Just like Unravel Two, it's far better as a two-person affair though, with players getting a mixture of responsibilities to share.

It's a title with such a unique visual style that pays homage to the Mario franchise thus far. The mechanics concerning moving the camera, being able to explore a 3D landscape, and solving puzzles in this many dimensions, gives the concept an additional edge that sets it apart from its competitors. Beginners to the title would probably enjoy Unravel Two as well.

Just like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Yoshi's Crafted World catapults itself from the Mario franchise and has created a fun platformer that feels quite similar to Unravel Two. It's once again a different visual style, with the range of materials and aesthetics becoming an artistic display of what developers Good-Feel are all about.

It's brilliant as a two-piece adventure, considering there are additional benefits to teaming up, much like in Unravel Two. The courses are quite straightforward, but now and then there's a head-scratcher of a puzzle that surprisingly challenges players.

Unravel Two has chosen a very distinctive look for itself and moved forward with it to its absolute strength. Cuphead from Studio MDHR did the same thing, settling on a retro, arcade-style game and crafting distinctive and beloved characters and gameplay options.

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It's got boss battles and side-scrolling moments and while the puzzle element is limited, it provides a challenge in a way that Unravel Two isn't able to. Indeed, it's one of the most difficult games out there, but bringing an ally to the table in Mugman might help turn the tide.

Coatsink and Bit Loom Games have crafted this completely underrated title that has to be played with more than one person. There are features in PHOGS! that feel very relevant to Unravel Two, including how the controllable characters are attached.

Audiences will have to solve all kinds of puzzles, such as two sides of a single dog. It's so vibrant and colorful in its design, and there's an elegant nature to how these characters move. The story is a little thin on the ground, but that's more than made up for in how joyful the title is.

Paladin Studios has created a title that feels familiar for those who enjoy Overcooked and Moving Out. Good Job! which is a fantastic place to start for newcomers to the Nintendo Switch, is as comedic and off-the-wall in its gameplay as may be expected.

This is a title that plays well solo or together with a friend and allows the audience to carry out all kinds of tasks in the workplace. Unfortunately, though, the game has the habit of being a bit destructive; the solutions to many of these problems will probably be far more unconventional than in Unravel Two. 

For those who love Unravel Two, they should check out the original Unravel. It of course features one of the smaller characters and while it's not built to be a co-op game in the same way as its sequel, it establishes many of the familiar elements audience now knows.

EA knew they were on to a winner when creating Unravel because of the genius array of mechanics within the title that help gamers to journey through this detailed world and the gorgeous and spiritual nature of the story that plays throughout the background.

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