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With Fast X set to pull into theaters next year, car enthusiasts are eager for car-related content to view. The most popular of this content is in the form of car restoration. It may seem daunting to get a watchlist together because of an abundance of these shows.

Luckily, the best have been compiled (with a couple of brand new shows revving their engines now or later in the year) and are available on TV or streaming, thus making it easily accessible for any viewer. While many of these shows have the same basic idea, there is plenty in each of them that will appeal to even the biggest gearheads.

This Discovery Channel TV show features Richard Rawlings, lead mechanic Aaron Kaufman, and Gas Monkey Garage from Dallas, Texas.  It's a great combination of Kaufman's restoration work and the deal-making Rawlings does to turn the cars for profit.

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Unfortunately, after 16 seasons spanning eight years, Rawlings announced on The Joe Rogan Experience that the show was coming to an end. Despite this, it still remains popular among the gear head community, especially the earlier seasons. Because of this popularity, Fast N Loud created spinoffs Misfit Garage and Garage Rehab.

A British TV series with over 17 seasons under its hood, Wheeler Dealers stars Mike Brewer, Edd China, Ant Anstead, and, more recently, Marc Priestly. The show tackles car restoration with a no-nonsense approach, which means it's very informative and isn't held back by artificial drama - something most gear heads will likely appreciate.

The most appealing aspect of the show is that it's geared towards DIYers. It shows what to look for in buying a car as well as how to fix minor problems ranging anywhere from an oil change or polish to the suspension and brakes.

In Chasing Classic Cars, the viewer follows Wayne Carini, a Ferrari expert, classic car restorer, and son of the famous Bob Carini, as he "chases" vintage cars and restores them in the hopes of selling them at auction. Because he is highly respected in the car community, he has access to secret garages that no one else does.

Just as the name suggests, Chasing Classic Cars is exactly what car restoration is all about - realism. It's original and portrays the good and the bad of the restoration process without artificial drama or glamor. The show also features classic movie cars and cars rarely seen by the public nowadays, such as a 1938 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante and a Hudson Italia, similar to some classic cars seen in movies.

Shot on location in Springfield, Oregon, Graveyard Carz came to inception when Mark Worman wanted to restore a 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda. Throughout the first six seasons, the viewer gets to see the 'Cuda restored along with other classic cars, by the cast, also known as The Ghouls.

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Because of the way the show is shot and edited, the car reveals differ from those seen in similar shows. Instead of a dramatically revealed finished product, the focus is placed on the smaller yet crucial sub-assembly builds on the car. While the show only restores Mopar muscle cars (built by Chrysler) and may only appeal to a certain niche, it's entertaining nonetheless.

In Austin-set Iron Resurrection, Joe Martin, his wife Amanda, his best friend Jayson "Shag" Arrington, and Martin Bros Customs explore the Texas countryside in search of hidden mechanical gold. Not only do they restore hot rods, but if the crew comes across a motorcycle, they won't hesitate to bring it back to life.

As per most car restoration shows, each team member has a specialty, whether it be mechanical, salesmanship, or just overall car knowledge. Iron Resurrection is unique in that Amanda is the whole package. The show deserves praise for featuring this extremely talented woman in a genre that's traditionally male-dominated in media.

After quitting their day jobs, Will Trickett and Porsche photographer Gus Gregory's show is a combination of the early seasons of Wheeler Dealers and Vice Grip Garage (see below). Despite being a restoration show full of challenges, the two petrol heads' (car enthusiasts) chemistry is what makes the show so entertaining.

It's a great DIY show as basic tools are used. The money is tight, so affordability is imperative. Because Trickett and Gregory are amateurs, the viewer is learning with them. The only downside seems to be a lack of episodes, but that certainly doesn't effect the quality of the show itself.

This car restoration show is set in the South Shuswap in British Columbia. Known as "Rust Valley," it is famous for its car community and junkyards.  Centered on Rust Bros Restorations, owner Mike Hall, his son Connor, and friend Avery Shoaf have restored tons of cars, ranging from those in the 1960's such as a '68 Camaro all the way back to a 1926 Ford Model T. Some of these are similar to cars found in the Fast and Furious franchise.

One big selling point for the show is that the cast has great chemistry and banter and generally avoids the genuine or manufactured inter-team drama often seen in other, similar shows. Seeing the end result is satisfying, even for those not into cars. Rust Valley Restorers is currently in Season 4 on Netflix.

Because car restoration is so popular, it only makes sense that a hidden gem exists in the labyrinth of the internet, in the form of a YouTube docuseries. Derek Bieri is in charge of Vice Grip Garage, a low-budget show that moved from Minnesota to Tennessee. He seeks to restore cars by any means necessary.

Perhaps his most famous restoration is that of a 1972 Chevelle, nicknamed "The independence." Here, Bieri's passion for cars shines, as he pours his blood, sweat, and tears into restoring the classic car. Similar to Chasing Classic Cars, Vice Grip Garage is best known for its authenticity and reliability. It's also notable for being free to view for anyone with access to YouTube.

A new show which debuted in January of this year, Lost Car Rescue is filmed in Northern Saskatchewan and focuses on finding and "rescuing" cars in Canada's backcountry. However, this isn't a typical restoration show. Throughout the six-part series, brothers Matt and Steve Sager use a plane to traverse Canada's rough terrain in order to get a bird's eye view of abandoned cars.

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Because of the excessive snow and winds, the team must wait until spring to hunt for the thousands of cars that have been left behind.  As Matt Sager states, per Wheels.ca, "it's the family and people that we're actually hunting." A rare find of a Volkswagen bus that witnessed Woodstock certainly fits that criteria.

Debuting later this year on Discovery+, Robert Downey Jr. is leading a brand new, unscripted series in which he takes sports and muscle cars and turns them into eco-friendly machines. This seems to be a passion project for Downey Jr, as he is channeling his inner Tony Stark to tweak and tinker with what he finds.  Even the biggest gear head will be curious to see how he pulls this off.

There's a good chance that this show will be very popular very early, not only because people will tune in to see the former Avenger, but also to see what he does in pairing tech with the cars. If successful, this could signal a shift in the restoration community towards more environmentally-friendly projects and solutions.

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