Young Sheldon: One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

CBS' hit spinoff series Young Sheldon is poised to air the final five episodes of season 5 beginning on April 14, 2022. At last blush, Meemaw and Dale called it quits, Georgie Jr. confessed to Missy, and Sheldon got reacquainted with his old friend Paige. How the season will conclude from here on out is anyone's guess.

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Of course, less mysterious are the well-established personalities of the seven main characters, all of whom have spent more than 100 episodes on television since 2017, allowing viewers to get to know their true nature through quips, quotes, one-liners, and telling lines of dialogue.

Sheldon's (Iain Armitage) family dynamic is based on the premise that he is a scientific genius who believes in the Big Bang Theory while his mother is a devout Southern Baptist who believes in creationism. Roundly rebuking her beliefs as sarcastically and hurtfully as possible is Sheldon's MO on the mega-successful spinoff show.

As such, the quote not only demonstrates how insolent and mean-spirited Sheldon is in the belief he's smarter than everyone, but it also underscores the macro theme of the show as a conversation between the religious (Mary) and the nonbelievers (Sheldon).

Almost a timely rebuttal to Sheldon's previous quote, Mary (Zoe Perry) doesn't quite understand where Sheldon got his vast intellect from nor can relate to his views of how the world came about. However, she loves her son to no end and will protect him at all costs, spending most of her time in church.

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In discussing Sheldon's heritable traits, Mary is quick to credit herself, discredit her husband, and most telling of her personality, she gives praise to Jesus for imbuing Sheldon with his scientific acumen. A staunch atheist, Sheldon would be enraged by the statement, perpetuating the status quo of his contentious relationship with Mary.

As the head football coach at Medford High, George Sr. (Lance Barber) is portrayed as a humble man of simple pleasures. He too can't relate to or grasp his child Sheldon's genius-level IQ and often speaks to his inability to comprehend the lofty concepts Sheldon raises at home.

But unlike Sheldon's siblings who make fun of his intellect, George is proud of his son deep down. He pridefully admits how smart Sheldon is while also reinforcing his true nature as a man who'd rather cash in his chips early, enjoy himself on a game show, and work smarter rather than harder.

Painted as Sheldon's polar opposite, Missy (Raegan Revord) is the fraternal twin sister who is mocked by her own family for being intellectually inferior. Despite hating the attention Sheldon receives, Missy is actually a loving, caring, kindhearted sister who will do anything to keep Sheldon safe, even when she tries to hide it.

In an episode that finds Sheldon sent to Dallas, Missy makes a heartening speech that perfectly encapsulates her big heart as well as her awkward sense of humor. So much of the dialogue in the show is laced with irony and sarcasm that honest moments like these are incredibly refreshing.

The funniest and most uncouth sibling in Young Sheldon happens to be Georgie Jr. (Montana Jordan), although many of his quotes are too short and meanspirited to reprint. At his core, George is a poor student and football star that does not get along with Sheldon and the two often trade brotherly insults that drive the show's humor.

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In a quote that expresses his love of football, his desire to be as far away from Sheldon as possible, while also insulting Sheldon's nerdy train collecting hobby, Georgie manages to indicate three personality traits that endure for the rest of the series.

If Georgie is the funniest sibling, then Meemaw (Annie Potts) is no doubt the funniest adult character in the Young Sheldon. The free-spirited, whiskey-sipping grandmother pokes fun at everyone around her with a foul mouth, yet is probably the closest person to Sheldon in the family.

Yet for all her bluster, hilarious insults, and wild stories, Meemaw is also full of wisdom that Sheldon gleans life lessons from at times. The quote has all the hallmarks of Meemaw's character, including stark honesty, profanity, and a hint of optimism beneath her cranky veneer. All add up to one of the most loving TV grandmas ever conceived.

On the surface, Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) presents himself as a moral, upstanding pillar of the community who deeply cares about God, faith, and running the church as honorably as possible. However, fans of the show know that deep down, Jeff is a charlatan who lies and tried to steal money from his own wife when the church nears bankruptcy.

When speaking about giving marriage counseling to a pair of churchgoers, Mary asks if Pastor Jeff requires some sort of training or license to perform the task. In the rebuttal above, Jeff's quote is a crass dismissal of the married couple's problems and a wildly insubordinate take on his role, proving that he does not take his religious role as seriously as his public front suggests. A major imposter, Jeff is happy to make a quick buck as fast as possible by telling his parishioners what they want to hear.

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