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Of the ten cosmic-powered heroes based on Earth in Marvel’s Eternals movie, which one of them deserves to be called the MCU’s most powerful Eternal? In the comic books, this title would most certainly belong to Gilgamesh, who possesses the strength of Thor (in addition to several other abilities). However, the answer to this question is a bit less obvious in the MCU.

The Eternals are believed to be the most powerful team of superheroes in the MCU. Thanks to the efforts of the Celestials, each of the ten Eternals is imbued with a massive amount of cosmic energy. But all of the Eternals were designed a bit differently, which means that they don’t all have the same powers. As a result, every Eternal in the MCU is unique. Another proven fact about the Eternals’ origin is that the Celestials didn’t create them to be equals to each other. The in-fighting between the various Eternals in the movie demonstrated that some are superior to others in terms of their power levels. Ikaris, for example, was able to take on several of his fellow Eternals at once.

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Ikaris’ Superman-esque qualities rocked him toward the top of the MCU’s power scale, but he isn’t necessarily the most powerful member of their race on Earth. Sersi briefly held this title when she had her Uni-Mind powers, but since the MCU put big limitations on Sersi’s transmutation abilities, she’s much weaker than both her comic book counterpart and Ikaris. Gilgamesh would have been a contender, but the MCU’s decision to strip him of all of his comic powers (except his super strength) indicates he’s not as powerful as some of his fellow Eternals. One Eternal whose abilities do make him a rival to Ikaris is Phastos. Ikaris clearly has more raw power and is better in a fight, but Phastos has a much wider range of capabilities.

Phastos’ cosmic power grants him the astounding ability to invent anything he chooses, thus making it possible for him to create any weapon or tool he may need. Ikaris’ assumption about Phastos’ table possibly being made out of vibranium has been taken by some as a hint that even Marvel’s strongest metal can be reproduced with his powers. The strength of his creations was on his display when he used his cosmic whip to restrain Ikaris for a prolonged period. He actually had more success with holding off Ikaris than any other Eternal present, which is an impressive feat.

How Phastos’ powers are presented in Eternals is a sign that he has a ton of untapped potential.  In the movie, he fought against Ikaris with cosmic weapons he generated on the spot, which raises questions about what he could have pulled off had he been given plenty of time to prepare. Without any limits on what he can make in the MCU, Brian Tyree Henry's Phastos may very well be the most powerful member of Marvel’s Eternals team.

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