Which Moon Knight Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight on Disney Plus.

Western astrology developed a few thousand years ago, much like the different stories surrounding Egyptian deities that play such a large role in Moon Knight. The Moon Knight characters have their hands full dealing with Egyptian gods walking amongst the average human, which means they wouldn't even have the time to be concerned with the horoscopes that might come along with their zodiac signs.

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That being said, because of what they've experienced, a lot of the Moon Knight characters might be a little more open to the idea of their zodiac sign being able to provide predictions for what's coming from their personalities.

Aries is viewed as the most impetuous of zodiac signs. The "youngest" of the zodiac wheel, Aries is characterized by their passion and their tendency to jump into action - whether that be reactionary in a situation or to simply head out on an adventure.

Layla might have the care of a Cancer and the love of knowledge of a Sagittarius (and if her passport's birthday is correct, canonically, she's a Scorpio), but she's definitely an Aries. As soon as she discovers where Marc is, she sets out to find him without allowing his months-long absence from her life to stand in her way. Once she understands how his life is changing, she falsifies a passport and follows him to Egypt, just as passionate about his mission to stop Harrow as he is.

Steven's boss at the museum, Donna, is a bit exasperated with her employee. He's supposed to run the gift shop counter, but continually leaves his post to talk to guests on tours, and she can't have that. Donna is trying to run a tight ship, so changes to her routine aren't exactly welcome.

Donna's tendency to stick to a set routine/schedule is very much a Taurus trait. Taurus can often be antagonists on TV because they are sticklers for doing things "just so."

Crawley is largely seen from Steven's point of view as a gold-painted street performer who poses as a living statue. He doesn't speak in the scenes with Steven, but Steven still feels a kinship with him. The only time in the first four episodes that the audience sees Crawley speak is actually in the institution when Marc sees him calling bingo numbers. There, Crawley is lively and seemingly ready to have a good time.

This look at Crawley, as someone able to blend in, but someone likely able to be at the center of a fun game, makes him most likely to be a Gemini. Just because he hasn't been theclassic Gemini chatterbox protagonist doesn't mean he hasn't charmed the audience and shown how well he adapts to strange situations, like Steven's one-sided conversations with him.

Dylan doesn't play a huge part in Steven's story. She's the coworker he's supposed to have a date with, but when he loses time while Marc is calling the shots, he misses their date. While Dylan is initially warm and friendly with him, she immediately turns cold and angry when he stands her up, not giving Steven the chance to explain.

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Dylan's friendly attitude is much like a Cancer who wants to give everyone a chance. However, Dylan's anger is also like a Cancer, who knows how to hold a grudge once they've been hurt.

Anton is an old contact of Layla's in Egypt who just happens to have an Egyptian sarcophagus that could help her and Marc in their search for Ammit's statue. It's clear from the moment the audience meets him that he loves attention and uses his considerable wealth to make sure he gets it.

From private athletic lessons to historic artifacts that others need his permission to view, Anton is all about people having to pay attention to him. He's absolutely a Leo. His ostentatious home and his viewing set up for the sarcophagus are just his ways of drawing attention to himself, like a Leo in the middle of the room at a party.

Billy and Bobby are a pair of police officers who set out to investigate Steven. That's not all they're doing, however, since they're also followers of Harrow.

Billy and Bobby clearly have a well-thought-out plan when they seek out Steven, letting nothing foil them, even when unexpected bumps block their paths. They also appear to genuinely care about the community Harrow is building rather than just being enforcers for him. That caring nature and need to have a plan are both Virgo traits commonly seen in the MCU.

Libra, or the scales of the zodiac, might seem a little on the nose for someone who has a tattoo of the scales of justice as their symbol. Harrow, however, is a pretty perfect fit for a Libra.

Libras are just as charming as Geminis, but they tend to be very focused on the world in black and white. They can see both sides of a situation and bring balance to conflict if they want to, but they can also become singularly focused on their own version of justice, tipping the scales in their favor as Harrow does with his followers.

Khonshu is a pretty aggressive deity. Though he can't harm Marc or Steven, he has no problem trying to intimidate them with shows of power to get them to do what he wants. He also isn't shy about what he wants, telling Marc he wants Layla to be his next avatar and encouraging both Marc and Steven to take the lives of those in their way.

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That aggressive approach to goals is how a Scorpio operates. They might not always be upfront about how they feel, but they always go after what they want.

Steven Grant is mild-mannered, works in a museum, and tries to be polite to everyone he meets. He also says pretty much whatever he's thinking, absorbs knowledge like a sponge, and has a true sense of wonder when it comes to history. There's a bit of a philosopher in him, which is why he makes sense as a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is often called the philosopher of the zodiac because of their tendency to love learning - and to talk about anything and everything they've learned. They're born storytellers, but they're also always searching for that next thing, whether that's a job, a relationship, or a travel destination.

Though Marc and Steven share a body and powers, they are very different identities. Marc absorbs knowledge quickly as well, but in a very different way than Steven. It's clear that he has a deep sense of duty and that he works incredibly hard to fulfill his obligations, which is why he's a Capricorn instead of the same Sagittarius.

Capricorns have a reputation for being the most serious of zodiac signs because they are always buckling down to achieve their goals. They work hard and are natural leaders, much like Marc as he repeatedly tries to take the lead in the situation with Arthur Harrow. His sense of duty to both Layla and Khonshu makes his personal relationships complicated, but he can't turn his back on either one.

Layla's late father, by four episodes into the show, hasn't been seen by the audience, but they've certainly learned about his personality. An archaeologist who called Layla his "little scarab," he was well respected by many, but also had some unconventional beliefs, like thinking the ancient Egyptian deities were still walking amongst the modern people.

Abdullah's faith and his commitment to history make him a great match for Aquarius. It's the sign most often seen as the outsider because Aquarius likes to pave their own way instead of walking the paths of others. While Abdullah might learn from others, he sticks to his beliefs.

Yatzil is one of the few avatars for Egyptian deities that Marc meets and gets to talk to outside of Khonshu's meeting with the Ennead. She's a bit of a dreamer, bringing up a long-past relationship, and she has a special affinity for art and music.

All of this combines to make her a natural fit for Pisces. Pisces is often seen as the zodiac sign most in touch with their imagination. Yatzil being the only one to talk to Marc, and to believe his stories about Harrow, giving him a path to take to stop the other man, definitely speaks to her being more creative and less rigid than the other avatars.

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