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Following the merger that resulted in Warner Bros. Discovery, the new version of the company is looking to shake up its strategy for DC movies and TV shows. For several decades, one of the biggest properties that Warner Bros. has had control over is the DC Universe characters. With major characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Lex Luthor, the Justice League, and thousands of more, DC has for the longest time stood as one of the biggest comic branches globally. Some of the most famous superhero movies include various DC characters that have continued to evolve decade after decade.

From a financial standpoint, the DC content is one of the most profitable branches for Warner Bros. Whether it be The Dark Knight trilogy, the ever-expanding Arrowverse, or the newer content that is coming to HBO Max, Warner Bros. has always had plenty to pull from for its DC Universe. Still, compared to its most visible competitor, the DCEU has faltered while the MCU has soared. In light of the highly discussed merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, there has been a lot of anticipation about what is going to happen with the studio's many IPs, including the DC ones.

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After the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery was completed about a week ago, it looks like the DC content is about to have a massive shift. In a new report from Variety, David Zaslav, the new owner of Warner Bros. Discovery, is reportedly looking to institute a significant overhaul for the studio's DC film and TV properties. Per Variety's sources, the overhaul could essentially mean the formation of DC getting its own studio for comics, TV, and film, similar to Marvel Studios. Zaslav was even exploring the idea of having a Kevin Feige-type figure to oversee the business strategy and be a connective tissue between the many multi-media projects. While he initially had a candidate in former Paramount executive Emma Watts, it appears she will not be taking on that role.

Zaslav's focus is more about unlocking the fuller potential of the DC IPs, as Warner Bros. has faced its challenges in the last few years, especially on the cinematic side of things. Based on the report, Superman appears to be one of the big priorities for the new company, as the Man of Steel has been sidelined after Joss Whedon's Justice League in 2017. It also appears that individual independent projects like Joker are something Warner Bros. Discovery wants to flesh out even further, meaning more Black Label-type films could be on the way.

Having a "DC Studios" would perhaps be the ultimate step in the right direction as Warner Bros. Discovery take their DC properties into the next era. For years it has been noted that a creative strategy seems to be heavily missing, despite films like Aquaman and The Batman having seen big success. With specifics still being kept under wraps for now, it wouldn't be shocking to see Zaslav lean more into the Multiverse angle, even more so than previously. Whether that means a continuation for the Snyderverse or more standalone franchises like The Batman, time will tell what this will look like for Warner Bros. Discovery. Nevertheless, fans should be ready to start seeing DC films and TV series be approached very differently in the near future.

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