WandaVision Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Magic, mischievous twins, and an evil sorceress trying to take it all - Wanda's Westview does have some striking similarities to Harry's world at Hogwarts. In fact while, on the surface, WandaVision seems to be very distinct from the Harry Potter series, the two series contain many overlaps.

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Both focus on a powerful magical person unaware of their capabilities, along with having important discussions about grief. The two also highlight the necessity of making moral choices in the face of pain and adversity. While Westview's community may not be a Dumbledore's Army, it does contain diverse characters with special traits from each house.

Dottie played the role of the neighborhood bully in Wanda's fabricated world. Obsessed with flaunting and maintaining her high status in Westview, she tries to put Wanda and her friends down on more than one occasion, such as at the community pool party and talent show.

Dottie's real persona, Sarah Proctor, is not given enough screen time to analyze. However, her Dottie character is clearly established as the "Queen Bee" of Westview. Her blatant shrewdness, vanity, and value of pride over traits like inclusivity are what make her a Slytherin.

Tyler Hayward is a WandaVision antagonist, revealed to be less focused on rescuing Westview and Wanda, and more interested in further manipulating her to re-assemble Vision. In the penultimate WandaVision episode, viewers see his pragmatic and analytical approach to Wanda's grief and plea to bury Vision.

Even though it leads to a damaging, shoot-at-Wanda's-kids result, Hayward is driven by his wit and relies on extensive planning and staying ahead of the crowd. His practical and no-nonsense approach to the world is what makes him a Ravenclaw, albeit another evil one.

Jimmy Woo was already established as an honorable, kind, and likable MCU character before making his return in WandaVision. He maintained these traits throughout the series as well, serving as the comedic but also concerned and empathetic agent on the Westview case.

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Jimmy was not afraid to resist Hayward's commands and condemn his actions, ultimately leading to the corrupt director's eventual arrest. Woo's loyalty to Monica, his humble mannerisms, and the emphasis he places on what is right is what make him a Hufflepuff.

Darcy's brilliance and vast knowledge were already demonstrated in her prior MCU appearances, and she retains these great qualities in the show as well. Having found the broadcasting for WandaVision, Darcy helps Hayward and his team further decipher what is going on in Westview.

Darcy is an integral part of the team, and her observations and comments are often the sources of insightful leads.  Darcy's intelligence, her knack for learning and decoding new information, along with her dry wit and open opinions make her the perfect Ravenclaw.

It makes sense Wanda's children are shown to be just as extraordinary as the circumstances under which they were born. With Tommy's superspeed and Billy's range of abilities, it's clear that the two truly are Wanda and Vision's children, especially as they exhibit the same heroism and values as their parents.

Despite their mischievous nature, the twins are shown as being incredibly compassionate, brave, and willing to help others, no matter how dangerous the situation, as any true Gryffindor. The pair also draws many similarities to another set of twin pranksters at Hogwarts!

Having successfully reactivated the original Vision's body, Hayward created the White Vision of Marvel's comics. Lacking the Mind Stone and Vision's memories, this version was more synthetic and colder than the empathetic, humane Vision viewers had grown to love.

White Vision values facts over feelings and is shown to follow procedure; he also does not take words at face value, preferring to use his own analytical mind to obtain and confirm information, as depicted during the Ship of Theseus debate with Vision. For these reasons, White Vision is a definite Ravenclaw.

Monica was always inclusive and willing to extend an uplifting hand, as already established in the MCU. When she returned in WandaVision, viewers learned she became a S.W.O.R.D agent who disappeared in the Blip, only to return and find her mother had passed away in her absence.

Despite her own personal trauma and grief, Monica plays a crucial role in freeing Westview and saving Wanda. She refuses to give up and returns to Westview to do what is right, delivering one of WandaVision's most emotional lines in the process. Her determination, open defiance of Hayward, and constant courage prove her to be a Gryffindor.

In WandaVision's plot twist, Wanda's kind and helpful neighbor, Agnes, is actually revealed to be the evil witch, Agatha Harkness. Agatha had infiltrated Westview and was manipulating Wanda and her surroundings all along, seeking to study Wanda's immense power and ultimately try to obtain it herself.

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From her zingy one-liners to her fabulous robes, Agatha's personality perfectly reflects the notorious house. Her ambition for power and greatness, along with her resourcefulness and ruthless cunning undoubtedly place her into Slytherin. Plus, a catchy theme song about herself? Definitely a Slytherin power move.

Unlike White Vision, this Vision is the one MCU fans are familiar with, the Vision who wielded Mjolnir and had the heartbreaking romance with Wanda. The series' Vision may have only been "a memory made real," but his role in WandaVision reaffirmed the qualities that make him so admirable.

Despite his vast capabilities and powers, Vision is always humble and places his focus on his family relationships. However, he is also adamant about doing what is right and fair to everyone, even if it means saying goodbye to his love again. His humility, loyalty to Wanda, and ongoing quests for peace and justice make him a true Hufflepuff.

Wanda's bravery was already shown in the MCU, especially during her fearless confrontation with Thanos in Endgame. Yet the true magnitude of her courage was not portrayed until the penultimate episode of the series, where viewers were shown just how much grief and pain she has known. Despite this, she still did her best to do good and help others as an Avenger.

While she did entrap the residents of Westview, WandaVision makes it clear she did not have any malicious intent, and heroically chooses to correct her mistake rather than keep her family. Her character arc of discovering magic, dealing with pain and coping, and always finding the courage to do the right thing is very reminiscent of the Chosen One himself. These parallels and her ongoing bravery make Wanda a worthy Gryffindor.

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