The Ultimatum: April Says Cast Secretly Met Up During Trial Marriages

According to The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On star April Melohn, castmates would sneak off and meet up with their original partners while filming the trial marriages for the show. April joined the Netflix series with her boyfriend, Jake Cunningham, and the pair was unfortunately one of two couples that did not end up together. The other was Rae Williams and Zay Wilson, who have been airing out their breakup drama on social media since the show's finale and reunion episodes dropped on Netflix. Rae and Jake made a strong connection early into the premiere episode, and April was understandably hurt seeing her boyfriend interested in another girl.

However, the two are not currently together, as Rae revealed during The Ultimatum reunion that she is dating another woman. The rest of the couples on the show did end up together, including Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger, who got engaged and married during the finale episode of the Netflix series. They then revealed during the reunion that Madlyn was pregnant. While it was a shock to some fans, who never expected the couple to leave the show together, other fans had already found out through social media posts of the two that revealed a ring on Madlyn's finger.

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According to April, there's a lot that fans watching from home did not see on The Ultimatum, including couples getting together when they were supposed to be in their three-week trial marriage. April revealed on The Viall Files podcast that while she lived with Colby for three weeks, he was actually visiting Madlyn and their dogs, and other cast members were doing the same. "I'd go downstairs, and Colby would secretly meet up with Madlyn and their two dogs, and then Shanique and Randall just happened to be there at the same time," she explained. "Even Rae, whose trial marriage was with Jake, was downstairs, and she was with Zay."

The Ultimatum cast member went on to explain she was the only one who didn't sneak off because Jake wanted nothing to do with her. April's ex-boyfriend recently revealed that he had planned to propose to her before joining the show like Hunter Parr proposed to Alexis Maloney on the show. Instead, Jake canceled his proposal and went on the Netflix show because April really wanted to do it. He believed she was after the fame and attention the show would bring her instead of actually wanting to marry him. Jake also claimed that April reached out to him so many times on social media after their split that he had to block her.

It's sad to hear that April felt so alone during her filming process. It's not, however, too shocking that the couples were meeting up when cameras weren't rolling. Many cast members revealed that a lot happened that viewers weren't shown on The Ultimatum. Their secret meetups may have featured some important conversations that were never shown that might have cleared up why some couples, who seemed doomed from the start, actually ended up together. Luckily, April has moved on to a new happy relationship and hopefully isn't still hurt by Jake's behavior on the show.

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