The Northman Red Band Trailer Shows Off Brutal & Bloody Viking Movie

Some new and extended footage in The Northman's red band trailer underscores the sheer brutality of Robert Eggers' upcoming Viking film. The visionary director's follow-up to The Witch and The Lighthouse is his biggest movie yet, a revenge tale that follows Prince Amleth seeking retribution for the murder of his father. Based on the old Scandinavian legend of Amleth, Eggers employs meticulous world-building in The Northman to bring authenticity to the royal heir's bloody journey of revenge set in the late 9th century.

The film relies less on the dreary, metaphorical horror Eggers employed in his first two features, focusing on violent combat and political drama. But the director is known for his grim subject matter and striking visuals, elements that persist in The Northman, along with a perfectionist's attention to historical detail. A vital prerequisite of his precision involves making sure the warring Vikings portrayed in the film are as brutal as their real-life counterparts, an attribute that star Alexander Skarsgård carries over from past experiences to adapt to The Northman's harsh setting.

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In the official red band trailer from Focus Features, Skarsgård channels his ferocity across several new and extended clips. One longer scene shows Amleth leaping from a rampart and taking down a soldier on horseback before drawing his sword and moving on to kill two more enemies in vicious manners. Another scene displays a beardless and plain-clothed Amleth headbutting an enemy to death, while a different clip shows a young boy (presumably the prince) slitting somebody's throat while blood spurts out. Check out the trailer below:

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Although the clips are out of order, the inclusion of Amleth at different stages of his life suggests Eggers is indeed pivoting from the more contained structures of his previous works, positioning The Northman as a brutal, thrilling Viking epic spanning decades. He will seek to justify the prince's vengeful determination by pinpointing pivotal moments of his life that forced the character to become a ruthless killer, lest he dies honorless. His growth likely culminates in the battle atop a volcano teased in this trailer and others. If the quotes surrounding these clips are any indication, The Northman's battle sequences should be exhilarating.

Still, don't count Eggers out on delivering some of his patented gloom and doom. While the film is a slight change of pace for the director - and far bloodier than anything he's worked on before - there are still hints of the weird supernatural content that made him famous. As Eggers himself said, The Northman is part commercial and part "arty" and is as sure to include some strange Norse mysticism as it is to show Amleth ripping a soldier's neck open with his blade. If this trailer shows anything, though, it is that The Northman will contain barbarity in spades.

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