The Dark Knight Rises: The 10 Funniest Letterboxd Reviews

With The Batman's release, many are looking back at some of the previous films starring the titular character, including the final film of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Letterboxd users have written reviews for the film since its release, and a lot of them have made some funny remarks.

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Whether it's about Bane's funny voice, Alfred's sarcasm, or Batman's identity being revealed, Letterboxd users have given their humorous insights into the final film of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises spectacularly concludes Nolan's Batman trilogy, ties up narrative threads, and gives characters like Bruce Wayne rightful send-offs. However, Letterboxd user jay couldn't help but get in a very witty pun when he described Bruce's ending in very succinct terms, saying "he christian bailed."

It's arguably the first true conclusion for the character in live-action since it was planned as a trilogy from the start, so the definitiveness of the ending with Bruce is new territory. It's also an ending that clearly lives up to the name of the prestigious actor.

Other famous masked villains in film history, such as Darth Vader, have iconic voices that are often imposing in nature. While the same can be said about Bane, it also ends up with an additional effect, with Letterboxd user diamondbolt thanking Nolan for "giving us the funniest bad guy voice in cinema history."

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After having to do ADR on Bane's voice after the original IMAX prologue was somewhat unintelligible, the end result is a voice that is crystal clear, but it also stands out from the rest of the film. Nonetheless, Tom Hardy's great performance along with some endlessly quotable lines gives audiences a villain to remember, in one way or another.

Bruce's advice to John Blake near the end of the film was just attributed to regular vigilante talk at the time, but, more recently, some viewers have made some other unintended connections. For example, after Batman tells John that the mask is more for protecting people he cares about than himself, Letterboxd user mistat predicts that "fauci went absolutely feral."

It's strange to think that vigilante guidelines are that similar to COVID-19 healthcare guidelines from medical experts like Dr. Fauci, especially since the line was uttered nearly 8 years ago. Perhaps more people would be unopposed to mask mandates if doctors directly quoted Batman instead of medical research.

While Tom Hardy does a good job playing Bane, making him really menacing and imposing, some viewers claim to see through the facade. Letterboxd user kriscoslice says that despite Bane's appearance, "I'm sure behind the mask, he's just a big teddy bear."

Although it seems like a hot take at first glance, the inclination to think that way was somewhat confirmed near the end of the film when Miranda/Talia reveals Bane's true backstory of protecting her in The Pit. It would have been interesting to have learned more of his backstory, but it was not meant to be.

Alfred acts as Bruce's main emotional support and guidance for a portion of the film, but he also continues the banter between the two for the rest of the trilogy. Letterboxd user agastak states that Alfred's sarcasm is greater than "any other conversation in the movie."

While it's certainly not the main point of emphasis in their relationship, Alfred still throws in a bit of sarcasm here and there, in instances such as encouraging Bruce to settle down with a chimpanzee if it gets him back into the real world. Michael Caine and his recognizable voice certainly make it memorable and provide Alfred with several iconic quotes throughout the trilogy.

Lots of audiences were satisfied with The Dark Knight Rises and the way it ends the trilogy, but there were some viewers who didn't share the same sentiment. For example, Letterboxd user qmoviereviews states that "This film is the Bane of my existence."

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While the trilogy as a whole (and specifically The Dark Knight) is widely regarded as both a critical and commercial success, many hold the opinion that The Dark Knight Rises is the weakest of the bunch. Whether it's cringe-worthy elements or glaring plot holes, some viewers clearly relate to Batman and Bane's rivalry on a more metaphorical level.

Although a lot of Christopher Nolan's best movies are more clinical than emotional to some viewers, The Dark Knight Rises may be one of the outliers in this regard. Letterboxd user cocoliso416 mentions that it "Feels weird to cry at a Christopher Nolan movie."

While some of his films deal more explicitly with cerebral themes, it makes sense that sending off Batman in a tense and emotional thrill ride would get through to some people. The film provides much-needed closure to Bruce Wayne's character and ties up the entire trilogy on both a plot and thematic level, which is bound to target fans' feelings.

Batman's secret identity is known to a handful of characters in the trilogy, but some viewers may have been slightly slower than others in this regard. Letterboxd user zombifan states that they "need to pay more attention" when they watch these films after finally realizing that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

This user isn't the only one to come to this realization for The Dark Knight Rises, as everyone from Bane to John Blake sees through the cowl a lot easier than one would think. However, that's a pretty clear indication that the film is more focused on Bruce Wayne as a person more than anything, which is an arguable point for the rest of the trilogy as well.

Christian Bale was the perfect Batman and he has become somewhat of a household name, although some viewers are afraid of that being taken too literally. Letterboxd user willhunting states that they're "genuinely befuddled" that Bale is likely "referred to by his friends and family as just Christian" or "nicknamed Chris."

Having the success that Bale has had in his career leads to many benefits, such as name recognition amongst the general public, but there are a lot of other actors named Christian or Chris in Hollywood, in addition to his director on the film being Christopher Nolan. Fans have to accept the fact that there are actors who aren't known exclusively by their full names to some people in their lives, no matter how many times you see them in ending credits.

Bruce Wayne's escape from The Pit is one of the emotional climaxes of the film, and some viewers were more energized than others after witnessing the scene. Letterboxd user peacefulstoner was so inspired that they got the prisoners' chant tattoed on their arm, and states that they "loved every pr***ing second" of the tattoo as much as they loved the movie.

The Pit is a great adaptation of the Lazarus Pit for Nolan's Batman world, and one of the reasons the scene works so well is because of its similarity to the well that Bruce falls into in Batman Begins. Overcoming fear for the final time after all those years in a similar predicament perfectly ties the film to the trilogy as a whole and is clearly one of the more inspiring scenes in the trilogy.

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