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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Bubble!

Netflix’s The Bubble could return for another disastrous production – here’s everything we know about The Bubble 2. A meta-commentary on modern franchises like Jurassic Park and the struggles of filmmaking amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, The Bubble is a story locked into a very specific period of time. As COVID restrictions ease around the world, The Bubble’s story is apt to lose some relevancy, but this may not stop Netflix from greenlighting The Bubble 2.

Directed by Judd Apatow, The Bubble ends with the cast and production crew of Cliff Beasts 6 attending the premiere of not Cliff Beasts 6, but the behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the movie. After the harrowing journey in which the cast broke free from the confines of the production bubble and flew away in a helicopter, The Bubble’s characters reunite two years later to relive the traumatic experience of filming the fictional Cliff Beasts 6. The Bubble’s ending was the perfect way to take the film’s meta premise to the maximum.

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As a parody of franchises, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Netflix was keen on using The Bubble to create its own meta franchise. With a large ensemble cast and even a variety of celebrity cameos along the way, continuing The Bubble with spinoffs or sequels wouldn’t be particularly difficult to imagine. Here’s everything we know about The Bubble 2, including the predicted story, cast, and release date.

It’s unclear whether The Bubble 2 will be greenlit by Netflix. Considering the Judd Apatow movie is about the production of a film during the COVID-19 pandemic, a sequel would have to ensure that such protocols were still in place and common at the time of its release. While Netflix is no stranger to producing sequels to its original films, it doesn’t appear The Bubble 2 is on its radar.

The Bubble’s ending doesn’t necessarily set up a sequel, but The Bubble 2 is still in the realm of possibility if Apatow and Netflix can come up with an exciting enough hook. Since The Bubble is largely a parody and mockery of franchises, it would be perfectly in line for The Bubble 2 to happen as another meta-commentary. If The Bubble 2 happens, the Netflix original movie's story could follow the cast making Cliff Beasts 7, or potentially even follow specific characters as they move on to act in different projects.

Since every major character made it out of The Bubble alive, except for Leslie Mann’s Lauren losing a hand, every cast member could reasonably return for The Bubble 2. If Judd Apatow is the director, viewers could easily expect his wife, Leslie Mann, and daughter, Iris Apatow, to reprise their roles in The Bubble 2’s cast as Lauren and Krystal. While Karen Gillan’s Carol would likely loathe returning for the sequel in the same production bubble, she may still need another franchise film to get her career back on track. Likewise, Pedro Pascal’s character Dieter, David Duchovny's Dustin, and Keegan-Michael Key’s Sean could return in The Bubble 2 for another film production.

If the sequel were to be greenlit soon after The Bubble’s debut, audiences could reasonably expect The Bubble 2’s release date to be spring or summer 2023. Production for The Bubble began in February 2021, with the film dropping on Netflix in April 2022, suggesting it would be at least another year before the sequel arrives. If The Bubble 2 is greenlit in a timely manner, its Netflix release date can still be expected before 2024, although that is an early projection that assumes every part of the production moves forward as quickly as it can.

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