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The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, is one of Marvel's most powerful heroes and he often uses his mystical abilities to save the day. In his decades of existence, the good Doctor has been reimagined on multiple occasions, and some of them have been downright weird.

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Whether it's a temporary possession or a What If...? story, Doctor Strange's alternate versions are nearly as numerous as the multiverse. In Doctor Strange, comic creators have had a field day creating some of the oddest variations in comic book history.

In the 1990s, the Guardians of the Galaxy comics explored the outer reaches of space in the future of the Earth-691 alternate universe. Krugarr was a member of the Lem race and was tapped by Stephen Strange to take over the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme as he ascended to the level of Ancient One.

Though Krugarr's abilities as Sorcerer Supreme weren't any different from the usual, the appearance of the serpent-like Lem donning the Cloak of Levitation was a weird sight to behold. Eventually, Krugarr teamed up with the Guardians to help defeat Dormmamu after he murdered Stephen Strange, who was then the Ancient One.

The Marvel Zombies arc was one of the best horror comics from Marvel and it explored the entire universe through the lens of a zombie plague. Not immune to the outbreak, the Sorcerer Supreme himself eventually became a zombie to terrifying result.

Unable to wield all of his magical abilities, the zombie version of Doctor Strange was still enlisted by the evil Kingpin to do his bidding. By being able to see into alternate universes, the undead Strange was an invaluable piece of Kingpin's plan of multiverse domination.

Few heroes seemed less qualified to be the Sorcerer Supreme than Frank Castle, The Punisher. However, in Secret Wars: Battleworld, fans got a chance to see the vigilante equipped with the mystical abilities of Doctor Strange through possession.

When Doctor Strange is killed, he possesses the first worthy vessel he could find and ended up taking control of Frank Castle. Soon, The Punisher learns of his possession and begins to use it to his advantage by casting spells. Though he was eventually destroyed, The Punisher managed to take down several notable enemies with his newfound powers and his willingness to use deadly force.

Marvel's What If...? series gave creators a chance to explore strange alternate realities without having to reconcile the stories with any larger continuity. In one story, the infamous Doctor Doom turns to the Mystic Arts after failing to rescue his mother's soul from Mephisto.

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When Doctor Stephen Strange arrives for training as well, Doom simply replaces Strange's hands with mechanical ones and makes himself the Sorcerer Supreme. After defeating Mephisto, Doom is mortally wounded by Dormmamu and transfers his soul into the nearest person, who just happens to be Stephen Strange. Unlike Doctor Strange, Doom shows that using his powers for revenge leads to his own downfall.

Doctor Strange has his fair share of powerful enemies in Marvel comics, but Baron Mordo is certainly one of his most dangerous foes. What If...? offered fans a glimpse into what would have happened if Strange's evil arch-nemesis would have become the Sorcerer Supreme.

Teaming up with Nightmare, Mordo twists time to make it so that Strange never becomes the Master of Mystic Arts, and therefore opens the door for himself. However, despite his best efforts, Strange still manages to manifest his powers and comes to defeat both Mordo and the encroaching power of Dormammu.

Marvel and DC have always been rivals, but in the mid-1990s, fans got a chance to see an epic crossover event between the two publishers. Introduced in the Marvel Versus DC comic series, Doctor Strangefate is the amalgamation of Professor X, Doctor Strange, and Doctor Fate. Becoming that universes' version of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strangefate is one of the most powerful versions of the character.

Being a mixture of the three characters, Doctor Strangefate presided over the amalgam universe and cast himself as its protector, even if it wasn't through heroics. Knowing that other universes existed, Doctor Strangefate attempted to protect the amalgam universe from destruction by the other preceding universes.

Earth-1298 is one of the many alternate realities in the Marvel universe, and it brought together two of Marvel's weirdest characters in an interesting mashup. The Mutant X series explores Earth-1298 and saw Doctor Strange attempt to do a kindness for the tortured soul of Ted Sallis, the Man-Thing.

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When trying to relieve Sallis of his curse, Strange inadvertently pushed the Man-Thing curse onto himself. Not deterred, the new Strange-Thing goes about business as usual and is still in full control of his magical abilities. Along with the look of the Man-Thing, Strange is also tasked with protecting the Nexus of All Realities, which had always been Man-Thing's responsibility.

Doctor Strange has been reinvented as many different human and alien characters over the years, but the Larval Earth version of the Sorcerer Supreme is something entirely different. Imagined as a world populated by anthropomorphic animal versions of Marvel's greatest heroes and villains, the Larval Earth has its own cute Sorcerer Supreme as well.

Croctor Strange possesses similar powers to his human counterpart but the adventures he embarks on are of a more comedic variety. Being an anthropomorphic alligator, the good Croctor often teams up with fellow Larval Earth heroes like Spider-Ham and Hulk Bunny to fight some of the best enemies of the Spider-Ham comics.

Howard the Duck may be one of Marvel's silliest characters, but he also has his own universe that contains a wealth of hilarious side characters. Duckworld has its own version of Doctor Strange, though Ducktor Strange's life followed a very different trajectory.

Unlike Stephen Strange, Simon Strange never kicked his alcohol habit and often finds himself passed out in alleyways. Though he is a powerful sorcerer by Duckworld standards, his vices often limit how much he can help Howard and his allies. Ducktor Strange has proved to be quite useful on occasion though, and he is able to transport people through the Nexus of All Realities using his mystical powers.

Marvel's 1602 series was one of the most unique takes on the comic universe and integrated aspects of history with elements of fantasy. The book is set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and reimagines what certain Marvel characters would be doing in the seventeenth century.

The Stephen Strange of the 1602 series was sold into servitude but eventually found himself studying mystic arts in Asia. Returned to the western world with his newfound knowledge, Sir Stephen Strange becomes personal physician to the Queen but soon runs afoul of the royal family because of his ominous predictions about the end of the world.

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