Supernatural: 10 Most Skippable Episodes, According To Reddit

Many fans are getting excited to get back into the Supernatural universe with the prequel, The Winchesters, in production. These fans have sorely missed the show since it ended in 2020 and they are ready to witness some familiar characters or storylines.

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However, as much as these fans loved the dark fantasy showthere are many episodes in the 15 seasons that they do not want to re-watch. Since the show ended, fans are enjoying re-watching their favorite monster-hunting duo and their gay angel but Reddit users would skip certain episodes.

The season 8 episode, "Bitten" is one of the most skippable episodes for SPN fans on Reddit. A Reddit user, Majiska394, says "I really have no problem with skipping this one, because for me personally, this one is kinda, really boring."

Another fan, capteatime, rants about the episode by commenting, "I will always remember Bitten as the episode I fell asleep watching, woke up, and was so sad it wasn't over yet. Whoever wrote/sang that crappy pop-rock song that is played 100 times throughout that episode should be in jail."

Like "Bitten," "Bloodlines" is also one of those episodes that the fans don't mind skipping while re-watching the show. The episode was intended to be a backdoor pilot episode for a spinoff series that got dropped by the network. It hardly features Sam and Dean and follows a completely different set of people.

A Redditor, akujyunkan, comments, "Bloodlines is the only episode I don't think I'll ever watch again." A lot of fans on Reddit like them have called this episode unenjoyable and even critics agree because it is the lowest-rated episode of Supernatural on IMDb.

Continuing the streak of lowest-rated episodes of Supernatural, season 1 episode 8, "Bugs" is also one of them. This episode deals with insect horror and many fans find it uninteresting. A fan on Reddit, safarimotormotelinn, calls the episode, "super-boring".

Another user, ohheyitslaila, replies to their comment and explains why the episode is so disliked in the fandom. They say, " Bugs is one of those first season episodes where I think the showrunners/writers weren’t exactly sure of what direction to take, so it doesn’t fit with the rest (at least IMO)."

One of the spookiest episodes from the early seasons, the season 1 episode, "Bloody Mary" is also an episode that some viewers like to skip. A Reddit user, slamcharcoal, says that they find the episode one of the most skippable episodes of the show because of its scare factor.

They are not alone because another user, spiffynid, also does not like re-watching the episode because, in their words, "I'm terrified of mirrors". Thus, this episode is not skippable because it is bad, but because it is too scary to sit through for many viewers.

The 11th episode of season 4, "Family Remains" is an episode that some fans find too scary while others find it bad. Whatever may be the reason, many fans don't mind skipping the episode and would never want to re-watch again.

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The Reddit users, AprilBelle08, slamcharcoal, and NotDogdamnit, include this episode in their most skippable episodes. The user, slamcharcoal, says that it's one of the episodes that "terrifies them the most."

Interestingly, one of the funniest and best Dean episodes, "Dog Dean Afternoon" is also an episode that some fans don't enjoy re-watching. The Reddit user, AprilBelle08, names this episode of season 9 as one they don't mind skipping. The episode sees Dean behaving like a dog and has some extremely funny scenes involving Dean like playing fetch with Sam and waging a war with a pigeon.

A Redditor, NotDogdamnit, explains why some fans might not enjoy the episode as much. They point out, "It's funny, but if all of the animals are going to talk, why are they talking about classic rock and existential angst? This episode ALSO has a bit of Beastiality."

A user on Reddit, VeiledAsnX, says that they would skip this "black/white episode in season 4". What they are talking about is season 4 episode 5, "Monster Movie". Also, in the words of another Redditor, JSweet1023, "I skip Monster Movie every time. Idk what it is but that episode bores me."

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This is one of those SPN episodes that some fans love while others find it dull. There is no middle ground for fans when it comes to this episode.

Season 8 Episode 13, "Everybody Hates Hitler" follows a group of Nazi necromancers that Sam and Dean have to fight. A Reddit user, Aprilfoolskid1989, finds the episode extremely skippable.

They share their opinion about the episode by saying, "For some reason that episode just bores me to death. I couldn’t even get into it much the first time I watched it."

There are also fans on Reddit who wouldn't want to watch the series finale of the show ever again. There is a lot of debate regarding the episode in the fandom. Some fans like it while others don't even want to acknowledge its existence, especially because how the best character of the show, Dean, was killed

A Reddit user, nvyblue, shares their opinion honestly about the episode when they comment, "I cannot watch the finale. At all. I saw it once and that was enough. I rewatched the show recently and stopped at 15x19 just to pretend 15x20 doesn’t exist. Rebar? Really?" A lot of other users have problems with the finale and another fan, ACEHousewife, asserts that they "would never watch it again."

The Reddit user, NotDogdamnit, has quite strong opinions about the episode. They do not like this episode at all and they say, "I hate this episode, the acting stinks and the peeping tom dog skeeves me out."

Many other users tend to agree with their opinion. According to another Redditor, Do_birds_dream, "All Dogs Go to Heaven is so creepy and weird honestly." The episode shows a man living as a dog with a woman and her child and sleeping in their bed and that is why some fans find it disturbing.

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