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The popular TV series Supernatural graced television screens for over 15 years and one of the most prominent recurring characters, other than the beloved Angel of Thursday Castiel, was Bobby Singer. Jim Beaver was the only actor to appear in every season other than Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Bobby was Sam and Dean's mentor, their go-to expert on lore, and he was not only their surrogate father, but he became the father figure to many fans in the SPNFamily.

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The surly hunter was an underrated genius, brilliant researcher and one of the funniest characters in the show. He could make viewers laugh simply by uttering his catchphrases of "idjits" or "balls." Bobby was so intertwined in Sam and Dean's lives that he even greeted Dean when he went to Heaven in the series finale. There are many memorable Supernatural episodes about Bobby

10 "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" (3x10)

Although this episode is iconic for the Dean versus Dean battle and the elder Winchester brother realizing that he doesn't want to go to hell, Bobby shines in this episode. While he became a beloved character after season 1, fans didn't know much about him or how he found the hunting life.

This season 3 episode revealed the horrific truth of most hunters: Bobby lost someone to the supernatural. Before he knew about demons, Bobby's wife Karen was possessed and he stabbed her not knowing that she would die. The episode also has a touching moment when Dean says that Bobby is like a father to him.

9 "Inside Man" (10x17)

This was Bobby's first return to Supernatural since Sam sent him to Heaven as part of the Gates of Hell Trials. Getting the Mark of Cain was one of Dean's worst Supernatural decisions, but by the second half of season 10, Dean had all but stopped looking for a way to save himself. Sam and Castiel break into Heaven and kidnap Metatron for some answers. But first they need some inside help from a certain surly hunter.

Using a psychic to contact their dearly departed friend, Bobby helps because he would do anything for Sam and Dean. He unleashes a mob of surly Bobbies before letting Castiel into Heaven and breaking Metatron out. As the episode ends, Sam reads a heartbreaking letter from his surrogate father. Bobby tells Sam he's proud of him and reminds his boy to "keep fighting and kick it in the a**," also a loving nod to Supernatural's late director and executive producer, Kim Manners.

8 "...And Then There Were None" (6x16)

On an unusual monster case, Bobby and the boys find their paths crossing with Rufus as well as Sam and Dean's grandfather, Samuel Campbell. Bobby and Rufus's dynamic was brilliant as these two crotchety hunters gave viewers a glimpse of what Sam and Dean might be like if they continued hunting into their 60s.

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Although this episode had some funny exchanges while hunting for what Dean determined to be a "Khan Worm" (named after the Ceti Eel from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), it's one of the saddest episodes of Supernatural. Rufus was taken too soon but this episode also shed some light on their relationship as it was clearly tumultuous, but they were allies and friends.

7 "Safe House" (11x16)

This episode is another buddy-cop adventure with Bobby and Rufus, essentially the older version of Sam and Dean. Side by side in different decades, both sets of hunters try to solve the case of a mysterious entity in an eerie house who leaves its victims comatose and left for dead. The Soul Eater leaves its victims to rot in its nest, which exists out of time and space.

With Bobby and Dean in the nest, they see each other for one second before they are saved by Rufus and Sam. While Bobby thinks it's another hallucination to torture him (since the creature already made him look at Sam and Dean's dead bodies), he's clearly left wondering. The two timelines blend harmoniously and hilariously as the four characters finish the hunt together.

6 "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" (4x2)

While Sam and Dean are tormented by known characters who the boys couldn't save from the supernatural (Meg Masters, Victor Henriksen, and Ronald Resnick), Bobby is tortured by a set of extremely terrifying twin ghosts. Misha Collins's second appearance as Castiel steals the show, along with the episode's pie quotes and Bobby's panic room. Dean's pie obsession is a popular Supernatural running gag.

Only Bobby would build a panic room in his basement. Dean reminds Bobby how awesome he is. And although Bobby is able to save the day with a spell, they learn they're going to have their hands full for a while when it turns out the apocalypse is coming.

5 "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" (5x7)

While most of the hilarity of this episode comes from Dean dealing with a sudden case of old age, Bobby shines brightly in this episode. Recently becoming wheelchair-bound has left Bobby feeling lost and helpless because he wants to help stop the apocalypse. Bobby plays poker with a witch for more years and ends up losing, and Dean takes on Bobby's debt.

Dean and Bobby become the grumpy old men double act as they try to undo the spell. While the episode is hilarious, it is also solemn and deals with Bobby's declining mental health. It is terrifying to think of but Dean reminds Bobby in one of the best Supernatural quotes about family that they are there for him no matter what.

4 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" (5x15)

When the dead begin to rise in Sioux Falls, Bobby doesn't want the boys to help because his once-deceased wife is one of them. Dean thinks that this isn't bad when she surrounds him with pie. The bad news is that after a few days, they start killing.

This episode marks the first appearance of Sheriff Jody Mills and begins her tragic story of losing her family to the supernatural. Bobby suffers too because after he gets Karen back, he has to kill her all over again because he's helping Sam and Dean fight the apocalypse. Because Bobby is grief-stricken, it is a heart-wrenching episode and one of many from season 5.

3 "No Rest For The Wicked" (3x16) & "Lazarus Rising" (4x1)

These two back-to-back episodes are tied for the characters' emotional nuance as Dean is sent to Hell and months later miraculously raised. The season 3 finale supplies fans with one of the most iconic quotes in Supernatural history: "Family don't end in Blood." It has become a staple of the show. It also shows the depth of love Bobby feels for Sam and Dean that although they are not related, they are still family.

The embrace between Dean and Bobby in the season four premiere is important. When Bobby realizes it really is Dean, he does not hold back and gives Dean the most loving contact he's had in forty years (in Hell-time). In this episode ,Bobby shows his devotion, how much he's missed Dean and how far he's willing to go for his boys as he is the best surrogate father anyone could hope for.

2 "Weekend At Bobby's" (6x4)

This episode focused on one of Supernatural's best characters is also the first episode directed by Jensen Ackles. It shows Bobby breaking into a library for research pertinent to Sam & Dean's case.

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When they find a dead body, the person isn't actually dead, and it goes after a woman interested in Bobby. Through all this mayhem, Bobby is trying to get back his soul from his season 5 deal with Crowley. While his mission is successful, he had a hard time getting there.

1 "Death's Door" (7x10)

Though this episode is one of the saddest in the series, it is poignantly beautiful. Bobby fights his way to consciousness for a brief moment only to utter "idjits," his favorite insult and term of endearment for his boys, before sadly passing away and breaking fans' hearts.

While this isn't Bobby's last appearance, it is gut-wrenching nonetheless, especially for Sam and Dean who had already lost their own parents and many close friends. It is Bobby's best episode thanks to Jim Beaver's incredible performance, from standing up to his abusive father to being a surrogate one to Sam and Dean. This is an outstanding but hard to watch episode because it's always tough to say goodbye to a loved one.

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