Strange New Worlds: 9 Things To Remember Before Season 1

A lot has happened since Captain Christopher Pike and his crew became the breakout stars of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, growing into such fan favorites that the Continuum saw fit to reward them with their very own series; Star Trek: Strange New WorldsFinally, Captain Pike will sit in The Chair for longer than a handful of episodes, boldly taking the franchise in a new direction.

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Going into Strange New Worlds, fans will need to remember some vital aspects of Star Trek: The Original Series, important storylines from Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, and recent news about the series itself, from casting decisions to the overall scope going forward on Paramount+.

One of the most important things to remember going into Season 1 of  Strange New Worlds is that thanks to the time crystal storyline in Discovery's Season 2, Captain Pike knows that eventually, he's going to end up horribly injured and confined to a wheelchair. In order to save the crew of Discovery, he had to commit himself to that timeline, but it won't be happening until he's an Admiral, which makes the interim years open season for shenanigans.

What sort of life Pike chooses to lead given the knowledge of his fate will determine the entire course of the series. Will he become a reckless hedonist? Will he take on more daring missions? It creates fascinating implications for Pike since he knows that he won't be dying anytime soon, and this could lead to some very drastic personality changes as he interprets Starfleet protocol.

In order to protect Discovery as it jumped 900 years into the future, Captain Pike and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise had to sign Starfleet NDAs, basically swearing that they never heard of the ship, or its nifty spore drive, effectively striking it from official Starfleet record forever.

Don't expect a lot of references or callbacks to Discovery except behind super closed doors, as Pike and his crew would only speak to others that were privy to that level of top-secret intelligence. As far as Starfleet, the Federation, and anyone else is concerned...what Discovery?

The incidents depicted in "The Cage", a pivotal Pike episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, took place in 2254, and Strange New Worlds takes place roughly five years after that, meaning it will cover the time period between 2259 and 2266, after which time Captain Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise on the Five Year Mission.

While a year put down in a starlog might not correspond to one season on the show, as long as Captain Pike commands the Enterprise, Strange New Worlds will have quite a few strange adventures in the years leading up to Kirk's Enterprise.

Trekkies can take comfort knowing that Strange New Worlds has already been confirmed for a second season, which will see the appearance --no word yet on how prominent-- of James Tiberius Kirk, though most likely not at the helm of the Enterprise.

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Given that The Original Series mentioned significant events in Kirk's life prior to becoming captain of the Enterprise, Pike and his crew might cross paths with a junior officer somewhere in their cosmic travels, possibly even during his tenure at Starfleet Academy. Not only would that be a fascinating period of Kirk's life to explore, but it would also not take away from Pike being the prominent focus of the series.

After having an emotional breakdown in Discovery's second season, Spock (with the help of his sister Michael Burnham) had to find his way back to center after walking away from his duties, using unmistakable Spock character traits like logic and reason as his guiding lights.

Back aboard the Enterprise, he's a science officer, and a far cry from being Captain Kirk's omnipotent First Officer. Spock will still have some growing to do internally, while externally he'll need to prove to his captain and his crew that he won't be taking off again anytime soon. Based on the Strange New Worlds trailer, it looks like Spock will undergo the Pon Farr several years before The Original Series, so some amount of temporal manipulation could be in play.

Number One is one of the characters fans have been most excited to see in the Discovery spin-off, especially since Una-Chin Riley was featured so little in The Original Series and only marginally in Discovery's second season. She is once again portrayed by Rebecca Romijn, who will have much more screen time than before.

Short Treks have expanded on her personality and character profile a bit, but fans want to see what she can do on the bridge that Captain Pike so famously had to "get used to seeing women" on according to Jeffrey Hunter's portrayal in The Original Series. No doubt that sort of inane palaver can be chalked up to a momentary leave of his senses by the weight of command.

Watching "The Cage" and "The Menagerie" from Star Trek: The Original Series, it's clear that there's nothing Spock won't do for Captain Pike. He launches a mutiny against Captain Kirk and hijacks the Enterprise just to get to Pike, clearly a man he cares about a great deal.

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The deepening of that friendship will undoubtedly be explored in the series as the pair become even more loyal and indebted to one another. That sort of bond doesn't come easily to most, and will be integral to understanding not only the esteem with which Pike and Spock hold each other, but later, the foundation for Kirk and Spock as well.

While some fans like the more serialized approach that Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard are taking, many fans prefer the episodic approach more keenly adhered to by The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The serialized format, with its absence of a reset at the end of each episode taking everyone back to the status quo, means that ramifications and consequences can be more fully explored, and more time can be devoted to character development.

The episodic format is much more self-contained and accessible, giving fans new and old alike the opportunity to enter into the action without having had to catch up on prior episodes to understand what's going on. It feels more like "classic Trek", and seems to be the approach that the series will take in a Planet of the Week style, with a few major plot points carrying over into future episodes.

Along with Number One, Spock, and Pike, Cadet Nyota Uhura will be back on the Enterprise, as well as Doctor M'Benga and Nurse Chapel. One of the most fascinating members of the crew will be Khan's progeny La'an Noonien-Singh, whose presence could have grave implications if Khan shows up in later seasons.

The Strange New Worlds trailer shows Spock kissing T'Pring, a Vulcan bonded to him for life since birth, who fans may remember seeing in "Amok Time", a stirring episode from The Original Series. It will be interesting to see how their relationship changes given this new context, and how volatile this version of Spock is.

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