Predator Theory: "Expendable Asset" Dillion Was Sent To Investigate The Alien

A Predator theory suggests that the CIA knew about the titular hunter, and sent "expendable asset" Dillion into the jungle to investigate. While Arnold Schwarzenegger is billed as the star of Predator, part of the reason the movie works so well is that it's an ensemble for the first two acts. In fact, the idea of having a team comparable to movies like The Magnificent Seven is part of the reason Arnie was attracted to the story. Predator takes time to build up the team led by Schwarzenegger's Dutch, setting up that not only are they likable characters but formidable soldiers; this makes it all the more shocking when they did one by one until only Dutch remains.

From Jesse Ventura's minigun-wielding Blain to screenwriting legend Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) as Hawkins, Predator's team is a memorable group. Carl Weathers (Rocky's Creed) also appears as Dillion, a former comrade of Dutch who is the CIA officer that recruits his team on a rescue mission to recover a "cabinet minister" and his aides being held by rebels in a Central American country. After trekking through the jungle and wiping out the rebels, Dutch discovers Dillion fabricated the story; the hostages were CIA agents and Dillion used Dutch's men to wipe out the rebels as they planned to attack the American-backed government.

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After this revelation, Dillion bluntly tells his old friend he considers Dutch and his team "expendable assets" that were used to get the job done. Dillion has one of the most interesting arcs in Predator, where his years as a desk-bound, "pencil-pushing" CIA agent weakened his skills as a soldier and he was even willing to sell out a former friend. Of course, the team is soon hunted by the movie's variant of the Predator, and Dillion later sacrifices himself to buy the other survivors time to escape. However, according to fan theory found on Reddit, the CIA knew the alien hunter was stalking the jungle and sent in other agents and Dillion himself as "expendable assets" to acquire intel.

This fan theory breaks down into different sections, establishing that the CIA was likely aware of the tales about the "demon who makes trophies of man" from locals, so they send Dillion in to investigate rebel activity as a cover. Dillion himself had zero idea, however, and it's likely the CIA had sent agents into the jungle before to see if the reports of the alien had merit. In fact, the helicopter that got shot down - noted as a "surveillance bird" - may have been looking for signs of the hunter or his ship (which may have had its own trophy room). Had Dillion gone into the jungle and come out alive with reports of contact with a hostile, technologically advanced alien, this would have been invaluable to his bosses.

This proved to be the case in Predator 2, with Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) becoming aware of the hunter and its capabilities due to Dutch's debrief. Given Keyes' intense interest in the case, he may have been the one behind the CIA's effort to look into the alien in the first place. This may even explain the Soviet involvement with the rebels, as the Russians probably heard reports of the hunter too. The biggest irony for Predator's Dillion is that his own people truly did consider him an expendable asset, and didn't warn him of the dangers he might face. This might just be a theory, but it's one with some intriguing layers to it.

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