One Monster Kong's Son Could Fight In MonsterVerse's GvK Sequel

There’s one monster in Toho’s library that would fit perfectly into the rumored Son of Kong movie. Reportedly, Son of Kong is the title of the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel that Legendary Pictures is developing for the MonsterVerse. The film, which hasn’t been officially confirmed by the studio, is said to shoot in Australia later this year.

If the rumors about the new movie are true, the sequel would share its title with RKO’s sequel to the original King Kong movie. Released in the same year as the 1933 classic, Son of Kong showcased the adventures of the 12-foot-tall, albino offspring of King Kong and his adventures on Skull Island. As for how the MonsterVerse adaptation would tell the story, it’s likely that the movie would be set in the Hollow Earth, which is where Kong relocated to at the end of Godzilla vs. Kong. For Kong to have a son, it’s assumed that he must have found at least one more member of his species while exploring the hidden Hollow Earth world.

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It's worth wondering who the MonsterVerse would pick to be the opponent for Kong’s son. Since he would obviously be a fraction of his father’s height, the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel’s villain options would be severely limited. Large-scale, powerful Toho villains like Gigan and Biollante wouldn’t work, but one particular kaiju – Gorosaurus – would require minimal changes if he were to appear in Son of Kong. As a monster based on the real-life allosaurus, Gorosaurus is essentially a giant dinosaur and the sort of creature that would work in a story with smaller stakes than a Godzilla or Kong movie. Introduced in King Kong Escapes, Gorosaurus is a kaiju best remembered for his devastating kangaroo kicks.

With a MonsterVerse redesign, Gorosaurus can be menacing but also an appropriate choice for a Son of Kong story. Kong’s son should be too small to fight a true Titan, so using one of the many denizens of the Hollow Earth would make more sense. Looking at the various creatures that Godzilla vs. Kong previewed, Gorosaurus certainly does match what would be expected of a Hollow Earth monster. If Kong’s son wanders off on his own, he could end up crossing paths with the kaiju. If so, the MonsterVerse could ultimately offer its own version of the Kong vs. Gorosaurus fight from King Kong Escapes, which ended with Kong breaking the creature’s neck.

As a young member of Kong’s species, the movie’s protagonist could be sufficiently challenged by Gorosaurus’ unique fighting approach and brute strength. And while he could theoretically fill the role of the main villain, his history in the Godzilla franchise would justify the MonsterVerse eventually turning him into an ally. In Destroy All Monsters, Gorosaurus was one of a handful of kaiju who contributed to Godzilla’s victory over Ghidorah. Depending on what happens, the potential exists for Gorosaurus to one day team up with Kong’s son against an original Hollow Earth villain.

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