MCU: 10 Non-Powered Supporting Characters That Could Be The Main Focus In A Show Or Movie

To this point, the MCU has gotten the superhero genre down to a science. Every project the franchise has released has mostly focused on heroes with different powers and technology throughout their missions to defeat some sort of threat along with different personal journeys. While fans will always enjoy the classic superhero story arc and the way the MCU can combine all these properties into the same universe, many have latched on to supporting characters who have the potential to lead interesting stories of their own.

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The MCU has so many characters that it could probably do well in other genres. The franchise has dipped into different genres before and has done well in doing so with projects like Captain America: The Winter Soldier having spy thriller elements and Moon Knight incorporating horror tropes. With beloved non-powered supporting characters, the MCU could get even deeper into its bag while staying true to its superhero roots.

After WandaVisionRandall Park's Jimmy Woo reached new heights of popularity with good reason. The character has brought a sense of charisma in his few appearances and with Randall Park's acting ability, it isn't too farfetched to say that he could probably carry his own series.

Fans have been theorizing what a Jimmy Woo-led show would look like and one of the more popular propositions was an X-Files type series where Woo and a team would solve different supernatural cases in the context of the MCU. Woo could team up with Dr. Darcy Lewis as the duo has been one of the best in Phase 4 so far and their interactions in WandaVision were among the highlights of the show.

Harley Keener was an important character in Iron Man 3 and his only other appearance was at Tony Stark's funeral in EndgameOn the surface, it doesn't seem like much can be done with his story, but he is one of the only few important characters in the franchise that represent regular civilians with minimal ties to the world of superheroes.

While Keener did have a connection with Tony Stark, he was still just a kid growing up in Tennessee. Depending on if Keener was a victim of The Snap, he could lead a character-driven film that takes place after The Snap where viewers could get the perspective of a teenager with his whole future ahead of him. Fans have seen the trauma of what The Snap has done to the heroes but it would be interesting to go in-depth from a civilian's perspective as well.

The family dynamic in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings gave fans plenty of both tense and heartwarming moments. It also gave new characters created just for the MCU including Xu Xialing, the sister of Shang-Chi.

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After the Shang-Chi post-credit scene, it was stated that the Ten Rings organization will return at some point whether it be in the sequel or another project. With Xialing now leader of the organization, it was unclear whether she was using it for a better intent than her father or continuing business as usual. A project focusing on her running the organization would give more insight into the logistics of the Ten Rings and could set up a potential face-off with her brother, leading to more important moments between the two siblings.

It's been reported that M'Baku will have a bigger role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which could mean that he will be a part of the MCU for years to come. Much isn't known about M'Baku's time between removing himself from the mainstream society and becoming allies with T'Challa but it would be interesting to explore the politics that went into the development of the Jabari Tribe.

A Wakandan-based Disney+ series is currently in the works with Danai Gurira set to return as Okoye so the concept may be explored in that series. But there's a chance M'Baku could take up the mantle of Black Panther by the end of his next appearance and his beliefs and morals will come into play should he lead a project.

While Bradley doesn't technically have superpowers, he has been modified after being experimented on with the Super Soldier Serum. His backstory crosses the lines of race, war, and politics and has one of the most tragic stories the MCU has seen so far.

An Isaiah Bradley-led project could depict his story as a period piece and a more serious tone than the rest of the franchise. The MCU is no stranger to period films and an Isaiah Bradley project would have the opportunity to tell the story of a Black veteran who was exploited and ostracized during one of the darkest times the world has seen.

Owen Wilson is one of the most tenured actors that has joined the MCU in recent years and his performance as Mobius in Loki has been one of the best across the Disney+ MCU series so far. A back story to Mobius was alluded to but was never fully explained.

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It seemed as if Mobius was just a regular person before he was taken by He Who Remains to be a part of the TVA. Fans know that Wilson could easily carry a project on his own and a Mobius solo project has the potential to show a grounded backstory of a regular person whose life is eventually turned upside down by one of the most powerful figures in the universe.

Moon Knight has introduced different elements that are new to the MCU, including Indiana Jones-type adventure sequences. Layla El-Fauoly is an interesting new addition to the MCU roster and depending on what her future looks like, could help lead the way to more archaeological-based adventures.

Marvel has plenty of source material to draw from so it shouldn't be too difficult to find more mystery-adventure stories to play around with and Layla seems like she'd be a perfect fit to bring light to new beings and artifacts.

Black Widow introduced a handful of new fan-favorite characters into the franchise, including David Harbour's Red Guardian. His skill set is similar to Captain America's in that he doesn't have superpowers and is physically enhanced, but both of their origin stories are based in world politics.

In a similar manner to Captain America: The First Avenger, a Red Guardian film could look at his origins. Getting to see how he became a champion of espionage in a Cold War-era setting has the potential for a darker, gritty storyline.

With as much destruction as there has been in populated areas, it's not hard to believe that many innocent civilians become collateral damage. Hospitals are most likely chaotic in the MCU, which would be intriguing to explore in the form of a medical drama led by Christine Palmer.

Palmer is the second most popular surgeon in the franchise after Stephen Strange and being in the heart of New York City, it's pretty much a given that some of her patients have been admitted with injuries related to superhero business. The MCU has touched on the subject of civilians being collateral damage, especially in Captain America: Civil War but having that perspective from in-universe healthcare workers could broaden the scope of the subject.

The MCU currently only has one villain-centered project in development (Agatha: House of Harkness), which would be the first to fit the category. Zemo is among a handful of villains in the franchise who would be an interesting subject to follow considering how much chaos he could cause without powers or advanced tech.

While Zemo was essentially a main factor in the Avengers breaking up, he still had an empathic story and was a representative of the resentment that many of the in-universe citizens feel about superheroes. His most recent appearance ended with him taken into custody by the Dora Milaje, so the door is open for a return that could dive into some of his storylines from the comics.

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