Hasbro Unveils New Star Wars Figure Based on Infinities And Comics

Hasbro has unveiled multiple new Star Wars action figures as a part of The Black Series, based on versions of characters from the comics. The “What If…?” style series called Star Wars Infinites saw Leia pursue a new destiny as a Jedi with a redeemed Darth Vader wearing a white costume. Now, that iteration of Vader will be featured as a figure alongside a popular stormtrooper known as Sergeant Kreel, who appeared in canonical Star Wars comics.

When Star Wars Infinities provided writers with the opportunity to veer away from canon, they offered bizarre scenarios to replace key aspects of the original trilogy. Stories that could never be told in the films now had a chance to be depicted in comics. Infinites reimagined the events of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi each as standalone stories not confined by the broader saga. At one point, Yoda destroyed the Death Star with the Force, proving to be capable of abilities that he didn’t have according to the original trilogy. In these “Elseworlds” versions of the films, the war between the Rebellion and the Empire is won quickly in somewhat simple terms, as each installment stands on its own.

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Marvel has announced two figures from Hasbro in The Black Series which will depict iterations of key characters featured in Star Wars comics, including Sergeant Kreel who first appeared in Star Wars (2015) by Jason Aaron and Stuart Immonen, along with the white-suited Darth Vader from Star Wars Infinites: Return of the Jedi by Adam Gallardo and Ryan Benjamin. The detailed six-inch figures join The Black Series as high quality additions with plenty of articulation like the line is known to have. While Kreel is set to release in November, Vader will debut in February 2023. Both figures are priced at $27.99 and are now able to be pre-ordered.


In Star Wars comics, Sergeant Kreel was an undercover stormtrooper called Agent 5241 and led a particular team of SCAR troopers called Task Force 99. He took direct commands from Darth Vader himself, and became a fan favorite character as one of the only stormtroopers at the time to wield the weapon of a Jedi. Although inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s initial concept art, Kreel popularized the idea of a stormtrooper with a lightsaber among the fanbase.

Representing Infinites’ iconic contribution to Star Wars, Vader wore a white costume after his redemption from the dark side. While he fought Luke on the second Death Star during an alternate take on Return of the Jedi, Leia showed up to the scene. Realizing the error of his ways, Vader renounced the dark side, as he faced both of his children for the first time. According to Infinites, Vader’s redemption was that easy. Since he still needs the suit to survive, he traded it in for a less menacing white version. Both the figures of the redeemed Darth Vader and Sergeant Kreel will make fine additions to Star Wars fans’ Black Series collections.

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