Harley Quinn Figured Out Superman's Identity in the Sickest Way Possible

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Suicide Squad: Blaze #2!

Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, is known for chaotic behavior that more often than not somehow yields amazingly effective results - something proven true in one of her latest adventures where she uncovers Superman’s secret identity in the sickest way possible.

In Suicide Squad: Blaze #2 by Simon Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, something that was once thought to be impossible finally happens: Superman is killed for good. A never-before-seen alien creature that is a mystery to both readers and DC characters alike finds a way to brutally murder Superman, leaving behind a mutilated corpse with half of his brain ripped out. Due to the severity of the situation, and the potential weaponization of whatever killed the Man of Steel, Amanda Waller calls in the Suicide Squad to bring this creature down in this out-of-continuity Black Label miniseries.

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After Superman’s body is recovered, the Suicide Squad are given a briefing led by Waller and the lead scientist responsible for studying this phenomenon. The briefing takes place in the scientist's lab; the same room where Superman’s body is being kept. So, instead of paying attention to the crucial information that is being given, Harley Quinn decides to take a marker and doodle on Superman’s lifeless face. Having drawn a cartoonish pair of glasses, Harley makes a comment to the corpse, saying, “Ya know, blue, you look just like this dweeby reporter I met once…” This is a clear reference to Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, with the implication that Harley recognizes the fallen hero for who he really is.

Harley Quinn’s ability to derive information or achieve goals through the most unorthodox methods is so prevalent in her character that it is actually an unofficial superpower. In Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay #2 by Jeff Parker and Matthew Smith, Amanda Waller pulls up a file on Harley Quinn while picking members of her Suicide Squad. Within her file it is revealed that Waller theorizes that Harley Quinn is a mathematically perfect variable of chaos that destroys any plan it encounters.

As a relatively meta character, writers often use Harley to drop in jokes or weird moments that wouldn't work with any other character. It's the perfect representation of her character (at least in her original, villainous characterization) that messing with Superman's body for no reason would lead her to intuit his secret identity. The only upside for Clark Kent's friends and family is that Harley is so chaotic, she likely has no plans to tell anyone in authority what she's learned.

Harley has similarly almost found out Batman's identity in the past, solely due to snooping on Batgirl's computer. For certain chaotic characters, the rules of causality bend to give them unexpected insights on the world around them, and Harley is DC's poster girl for this phenomenon. Suicide Squad: Blaze's depiction of Harley Quinn figuring out Superman's identity hammers home that she'll always be one of the least predictable characters in comics, performing random and even disgusting actions that nevertheless end up paying off in surprising ways.

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