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FromSoftware's latest RPG endeavor Elden Ring is their most acclaimed hit to date, and this open-world dark fantasy gives its players its fair share of challenges to overcome. Whether they're boss fights or dungeons, the game is filled with tough adversaries that provide thrilling gameplay and satisfying catharsis after besting them.

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That being said, the game still offers more than enough mechanics to learn and turn into crucial advantages in battle. Many of these mechanics are rewarding to master, as they can often be the edge in a life-or-death encounter for those looking to brave the Lands Between.

There are plenty of general tips to follow in Elden Ring to help guide players' journeys and defeat bosses, but one of the more specific mechanics to take advantage of is how to use the spectral steed Torrent in boss fights. Of course, there are certain dungeon scenarios where calling Torrent is impossible, but the mount can be used in many overworld boss encounters.

A great early example of this is the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave. Fighting him on foot is certainly doable, though difficult. Taking on the Tree Sentinel like a jousting tournament is a great strategy when it comes to mobility and hit-and-run tactics. Just as well, Torrent's double jump can be used with precision to dodge ongoing attacks.

The "Mighty Shot" weapon skill can be attached to things like bows, and it comes by default with the Longbow when choosing the Samurai class. Ashes of War in general are a great mechanic to get experimental with, especially since they can be duplicated, replaced, and swapped with other weapons.

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However, when it comes to thinning the herd, Mighty Shot is excellent for ranged combat. Firing off Mighty Shots from afar is a good way to pick off groups of enemies before they ever have a chance to become a problem up close.

Going back to the Samurai class, it's arguably one of the best for newcomers to Elden Ring and FromSoftware's brand of Souls-like games. The class starts with a Longbow and an Uchigatana as a weapon set, with the viability of the former already laid out. Similarly, the Uchigatana is an exceptional weapon to start with.

It already has a great reputation for being a part of creative builds in the Dark Souls games, and its Unsheathe skill could take players to the endgame. Samurai are great options for Quality (Dex + Strength) or Dexterity builds, which combine for a weapon set that's adaptive to various situations and could last the whole game.

Like with Torrent, players looking to have the smoothest experience throughout the Lands Between should take advantage of Spirit Ashes. They also can't be used in certain cases, but whenever possible, they can be much-needed allies. In addition to dealing damage and bonus status effects depending on the Spirit, they also help take enemies' attention off the player and put it on the summons.

And in other instances, the player can summon Spirits and NPCs at the same time. For instance, the Tarnished can fight alongside their Spirit as well as Sorceror Rogier by calling him just outside the arena against Margit, the Fell Omen.

The Guard Counter feature is one of Elden Ring's best gameplay mechanics for how satisfying it is in combat, as well as the devastating damage it can inflict. New players starting would do well to go through the tutorial in the cave at the beginning since this is one of the mechanics it teaches.

When in combat, the Tarnished can immediately execute a Guard Counter after shielding from the enemy's attack, which can also break their poise and open them up for a free Critical Attack. This is certainly a gamble and benefits those who use shields more, but even those shielding with their weapon could make use of this.

After obtaining it at the Third Church of Marika, players can use the third type of Flask to benefit them in battle. This will nudge players into learning to manage their Flasks as a mechanic in general, but this one invites the most experimentation.

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By collecting various kinds of Crystal Tears that are found throughout the Lands Between and through enemy/boss drops, the Tarnished can concoct their Flask of Wondrous Physick to give them different kinds of buffs. Depending on what combination of Tears is used, effects can range from HP regeneration over time to extra damage and more.

Elden Ring is one of the richest modern fantasy RPGs, but that world doesn't reveal itself to the player on the map automatically or through the infamous "Ubisoft towers." The player will have to go out and find Map Fragments spread throughout the world, but they're not nearly as difficult to find as one might think.

In the more hidden darker brown parts of the map, players can notice where Fragments are located without having to physically discover them. A user in a Reddit post notes what these icons look like on the map with their blue marker.

Something borrowed from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and baked into their Dark Souls approach to games is stealth. Stealth-based combat wasn't nearly as emphasized in the latter series, and Elden Ring incorporates that dynamically within the Lands Between.

On top of ranged combat to pick off enemies from afar, players should make use of backstabs as often as possible. These attacks deal massive damage, and players can use the environment to stealthily position themselves in places where this can be exploited. Likewise, using the cover of night or storms makes it easier to sneak undetected.

Apart from the various major and story-focused dungeons spread throughout the game, the Tarnished can venture into smaller dungeons like mines and tunnels. These dungeons have different kinds of items to loot and bosses to fight, but the biggest thing that players should focus on stocking up on is Smithing Stones.

They're required to upgrade the weapons that can be equipped, and these places are unsurprisingly the best way to find many of them close together. This applies to standard Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones for upgrading special gear.

Just like with Smithing and Somber Smithing Stones, players should keep an eye out for Grave Gloveworts. These can be found and looted in other parts of Elden Ring, but catacomb and cave dungeons are the equivalents of tunnels and mines for stones. Weapons aren't the only items that can be leveled up, as Grave Gloveworts are what improve the player's Spirit Ashes.

And like with Somber Stones, the equivalent for these are Ghost Gloveworts, which upgrade elite-level Spirit Ashes. Granted, not every Spirit Ash is worth heavily upgrading, but players should look into which ones are the most effective for them to invest in.

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