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With Jodie Whittaker’s final episode of Doctor Who coming sometime this fall, it’s hard not to wonder who her replacement might be, and when that replacement will be officially announced. In recent weeks, the BBC has teased that Whittaker’s successor will be announced relatively soon, suggesting that the decision has either already been made, or is very close to being finalized. As for when the announcement will come, however, concrete details remain scarce.

In the past, Doctor Who has answered this question on a wide range of timetables. However, there does seem to be one relatively consistent timeline for the announcements of new Doctors, and it has to do with the time between the new Doctor’s initial announcement and their first major appearance. This trend has been relatively consistent over the years, and began with the casting for Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor, in which he was announced in August of 2013, with his first full appearance as the Doctor airing in December later that same year.

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As this trend was also repeated with Whittaker’s announcement in July of 2017, with her first major appearance as the Doctor airing in December of that same year, it’s likely that Whittaker’s replacement will also be announced roughly 5-6 months prior to their first appearance. As Whittaker’s final episode (and teased regeneration) is set to air sometime this fall, it’s likely that longtime fans of Doctor Who will see an announcement regarding Whittaker’s replacement sometime in May or June of 2022. While there have been some exceptions to this rule, it seems that given production schedules, and recent casting announcements, a 5 to 6-month lead time feels like an appropriate timeframe for announcing the 14th Doctor.

One major variable to contend with is that Jodie Whittaker’s final episode doesn’t have a set air date beyond fall 2022. This could affect timetables slightly one way or the other. However, assuming that Whittaker’s final episode would premiere at the latest by November 2022, that would mean if the announcement regarding Whittaker’s replacement follows the trend of her and Capaldi, the latest the 14th Doctor could be announced would be June 2022.

There are also a few wrinkles in this timeline, namely Capaldi’s uncredited cameo appearance in “The Day of the Doctor,” which premiered in November 2013, barely 4 months after Capaldi’s initial announcement. Though the appearance is uncredited, it is technically the first time Doctor Who fans got a glimpse at Capaldi’s regeneration. Taking the cameo into account, that would mean that Whittaker’s rumored Doctor Who replacement could instead be announced closer to July or August 2022, assuming that the replacement will appear in Whittaker’s final episode as she regenerates.

Though it’s hard to guess exactly who will be taking up the mantle of one of the most iconic television characters of all time, longtime fans of Doctor Who shouldn't have to wait too much longer to get the answer to this question. As previously mentioned, the BBC has even teased that the announcement is coming soon, suggesting that final decisions regarding casting have likely already been made. And, with Whittaker’s time on Doctor Who coming to an end this fall, hopefully by early summer, viewers won't have to wait long to have a new Doctor to know and love.

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