Best Twitter Reactions To The Stranger Things 4 Trailer

Amidst Netflix's struggle with the loss of subscriptions and password sharing, a new trailer for season 4 of Stranger Things was released by the streaming service. For fans, the anticipated trailer couldn't get here soon enough, and now that it arrived, they have a lot to say about it.

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The new trailer gives a glimpse of the epic proportions of the franchise's new chapter while presenting typical '80s venues that made the show famous in the first place. From memes to awe, fans have shared their feelings and thoughts on Twitter.

From season 1, Joyce and Hopper had the best relationship in the show, and Murray Bauman can certainly vouch for that. From quarrels to their intimate conversations, the two share a lovely dynamic that has drawn many fans to want them together as a couple.

While season 3 hinted at the possibility of them going on a date, Hopper's tragic finale crushed that idea. However, that only makes season 4 even more anticipated. As @jopperlover pointed out after watching the new trailer, they might "finally" go on their date. Whether that will be in the US or overseas remains to be seen.

Many things in the new trailer took fans by surprise, but Max's scene might be the weirdest thing in it. In front of her brother's grave, Max seems to levitate, surprising Dustin, Steve, and Lucas, not to mention viewers. Because of that, @NetflixGeeked shared a meme with "no context" referencing the unexpected scene.

While Max is one of the best characters in the show, until season 3 she had no supernatural powers. It'll be interesting to find out what has caused this change or if the Duffer Brothers included the bit as a red herring.

Netflix released the new trailer unexpectedly, which only added to the thrill fans experienced watching it. @HaroldHarr5 shared their feelings "after watching" the epic scenes shown, using a meme format of the one and only Steve Harrington.

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While the Super Bowl ad hinted at follow-up events from season 3, the latest trailer provided a more profound look at the watch, the mysterious house, and even the Upside Down.

As one of the most anticipated shows returning in 2022, Stranger Things is Netflix's highest bet of the year. After the streaming platform announced release dates and new posters, fans couldn't wait for the trailer to drop.

However, once it did, @KJHoodie said they're "not even mad anymore at how long it took" for the season to be announced, given that the new trailer looks exciting enough for them. Between nostalgia and anticipation, the trailer reminded fans of the love they share for the franchise.

One of the aspects that made the Netflix series popular worldwide is its use of music. Since season 1, the show focused on recreating the 1980s atmosphere, evoking feelings of nostalgia in people who weren't even born in the decade.

Although the new trailer shows that the stakes are higher than ever before, when it comes to music, they've kept a pattern. @elcvens highlights this factor saying "one thing" you must know about Stranger Things is that they'll use thrilling bops in their trailers.

The show's use of '80s songs is not only appreciated by fans but also can make an impact on music charts. Following the trailer's release, @billboard announced that the song "Separate Ways" by the rock band Journey returned to Billboard Charts "thanks" to the association with the series.

While time travel might only be a possibility in season 4 of Stranger Things, musically wise, audiences can witness Journey on the Billboard top charts as if the calendar had gone back a few decades.

Overall, the reactions to the new trailer have been positive. Fans have celebrated seeing their favorite characters again while curiosity flows regarding the mysteries ahead. @MCYeezuz encapsulates the feeling by saying that the trailer looked "incredible."

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So far, Stranger Things remains Netflix's crown jewel, having a loyal fanbase and a global impact. Given the anticipation for season 4, it's fair to say fans of the franchise will stick to it, despite the Obi-Wan Kenobi series being released simultaneously.

Although many fans enjoyed the new glimpse wholeheartedly, @wheelerfilms stated that appreciation aside, the show "doesn't feel" like what Stranger Things used to be. Like many TV shows, the popular franchise makes stakes higher season by season, and the new trailer promises epic proportions. That drives the show away from its origins, making the character dynamics and writing change accordingly.

While that can be entertaining, it can also be a slippery slope. If executed poorly, it risks ruining well-developed characters and plotlines. As Game of Thrones proved, choosing superficial plot twists over well-crafted character arcs can set a disappointing reputation, an aspect that the Netflix franchise should keep in mind.

Stranger Things fans have been enjoying the trailer since it was released, and they haven't seen it only once. Whether they're looking for hidden clues to support their season 4 theories or curious about what lies ahead, viewers like @owenindr are "obsessed" with the new scenes.

Until the release date arrives, fans can enjoy their time loops to the sound of Journey's "Separate Ways."

Luckily, there's no "rewatch limit" for the new trailer, so there's no need for concern. Inspired by the feeling of wanting to rewatch it, @NetflixIsAJoke shared a Grace & Frankie meme to register the fact that they're "still" watching the exciting glimpses.

It's been a long path from season 1 to where the characters find themselves now, and Stranger Things fans can't wait for May 27 to see where the story will end or, in this case, begin.

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