Bad At Wordle? Try Antiwordle & Get Words Wrong On Purpose

Players who are tired of Wordle might be interested in checking out Antiwordle, a game designed to be the polar opposite when it comes to its objective-based puzzle gameplay. Antiwordle is far from the only third-party Wordle spin-off, as recent releases like Wheredle have taken Wordle's framework and used it to create various other puzzles.

It's been hard to avoid Wordle these past few months. The daily word puzzle has proved to be something of an internet sensation, being spread across social media by players looking to connect with others (or brag) about their most recent attempt at solving the challenge. Wordle's visibility and popularity only increased when it was bought by the New York Times, being added to its wide array of other brain-teasers and casual gaming experiences. Just like many incredibly popular casual games, Wordle has seen its fair share of copycats, with novice and veteran programmers alike pushing out unique takes on the game's simple-yet-satisfying formula. Some of these clone games have created a space for players looking for an easier gaming experience while others, like Octorodle, are more challenging versions of Wordle.

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Sitting somewhere in between these two extremes is Antiwordle, which, as its name suggests, aims to offer the opposite of the normal Wordle experience, with the main objective being not to guess the correct word. The rules of the game are as follows: players must guess a five-letter word, and individual letters will be highlighted in gray, yellow, or red. Gray letters are not in the correct word, but cannot be used in subsequent guesses. Yellow letters are in the correct word but in a different location, so players need to include them in each guess. Finally, red letters are in the correct word, in the correct location, and must be included that way in each guess. Players must try to avoid the correct word for as many guesses as possible.

This game, along with the surprisingly similar Wordle clone Survivle, is sure to provide players with an alternative challenge to Wordle. Players struggling in the original Wordle might not fare too much better with this game, though, as it is certainly a challenge in its own right. In fact, many users may find that having a solid grasp on good strategies used in Wordle could actually serve them well in Antiwordle, as they simply have to do the opposite.

It doesn't seem like there is an end in sight when it comes to games adopting the Wordle formula. This shouldn't be surprising, as the straightforward framework of the game is easy to translate and reshape. If satisfying games like Antiwordle keep being inspired by Wordle, then puzzle fans will be having heaps of fun for years to come.

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