9 Unpopular Opinions About The New World Of Warcraft Expansion, According to Reddit

On the 19th, Blizzard conducted a live stream to reveal their latest expansion to World of Warcraft, Dragonflight. Even though the announcement is a long way away still, it has given a good amount of the player base a new sense of hope that activity could return to their favorite MMO. But with any major title announcement, there is always skepticism.

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Throughout various threads on the World of Warcraft subreddit, fans have expressed their joys and grievances for the new features. Though the popular opinion is excitement, many have nitpicks and tweaks they're hoping will be addressed before the release, as well as a desire for information on areas not detailed in the stream.

One of the new feature announcements that has many excited and some disappointed is the announcement of Dragon Riding. This will be a new progression skill that will allow players to develop new abilities when flying their custom dragon mount. Previously, mounts had been almost purely cosmetic, and different mounts still have the same physics.

But therein lies the problem for many, as they believe this will be bad for old mounts they've spent tons of time collecting. One fan made a post of their assessments of the new trailer and features, saying "I'm just worried how the "flying" will feel OUTSIDE of the new zones though."

World of Warcraft has a history of baddie dragons, and with no clear idea of the villain, many are worried one of the known characters will fall to a path of corruption like many have before in the world of Azeroth. Alexstrasza is a particular fan favorite, so many are worried about the future of her character.

One fan, Warped_Unicorn, made a meme about it, sharing the fate of previous dragons who had been warped into evil, with Alexstrasza at the bottom. Hopefully the writers will not turn to such an extreme and stay loyal to the red dragon.

World of Warcraft has tons of iconic humanoid species, and many have been asking for them to become playable characters in the game for a long time. Battle for Azeroth introduced sets of allied races, giving players more options, but gamers still hold out hopes for introductions of beloved races like murlocs, gnolls, and ogres.

One Redditor, dorm_five 1, uses the new meme format from the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. It shows Thor, dressed as a Dracthyr, appearing it front of Peter Quill (representing the playerbase) who's lovingly eyeing the multitudes of beloved characters in the background. Warcraft has one of the greatest fantasy worlds, and its species are part of the reason for it.

While some find the cinematic trailer for Dragonflight to be boring, others have a fondness for its Titan protagonist. Some believe the lack of villain and direct narrative to be an issue, while others are excited for the easygoing, exploration-based content.

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One Redditor expressed their appreciation for it, saying "this new one is some pretty simple Warcraft themes (Titans and dragons) and tells a neat little story about a Chad Titan watcher saving the day, while also being sad that his friends died." The Titan has become a source for many memes and fan chatter.

Malygos, Neltharion, Nefarian, Deathwing. The list goes on of the tons of Drakes and Dragons players have encountered and have had to kill throughout their journey in World of Warcraft. Many have noted the irony of the Dracthyr joining either the Horde or Alliance, given that many players even have armor and weapons with Dragon bone in them.

One Redditor, Jathulioh, made a post joking about the absurdity of it, suggesting that the head of Nefarian that hangs in the Stormwind gates might be an unwelcoming sight to new Dracthyr alliance members. Hopefully the malevolent nature of these dragons will prevent the Dracthyr from holding it against the players!

The Warcraft universe has some undoubtedly great villains, from Illidan to Garrosh and the Lich King. It's part of what made the first batch of expansions so great. Thus, one area many have been questioning is the complete lack of a villain. Many have compared it to Mists of Pandaria's original cinematic, when no one knew Garrosh would end up becoming the main baddie.

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Reddit user Alyano started a thread, asking players to ponder who they thought the new big bad would be, saying "As they surprisingly have not announced a new super villain or at least overall threat. Who or what are we fighting next?" This will be the question in the coming months, though many are happy for a more relaxed, less apocalyptic approach.

The Dracthyr race is one of the most controversial points of the news so far, as with the limited footage fans have seen, many dislike the new design. Many fans called for bulkier body models, as well as more customization options pertaining to the humanoid version of each Dracthyr. After a recent developer interview, it seems this is likely to happen.

One fan, golemhans96, pointed this out in a thread, showing some more options that hadn't been seen in the original live stream. The expansion is still far off, so many have made the choice to not come to harsh conclusions yet and wait for more images and video footage to be released.

The idea that World of Warcraft is a dead game is very relative. In terms of how it fairs to other games' player base and income, it's likely still very successful. But compared to its former self which held supreme superiority over the MMORPG market, it has lost a lot of players. Many on Reddit believe Shadowlands was the last straw.

One fan, Illidanhowcouldyou, described their frustrations, saying "Most of the wow community has left wow" and "Activision pushed away its best fans." Some players have grown too frustrated to ever return, while others have stepped away and cautiously approached news.

The end of the Legion expansion resulted in Sargeras, a villainous titan, impaling Azeroth with a giant sword. Literally. It's been two expansions now and not much about it has been addressed. The cinematic has Alexstrasza mention the 'healing' of Azeroth, so many have taken that to mean making reparations for the damage of the sword.

Redditor TomBromeo makes a hilarious meme to describe the irony of the system, joking that Blizzard is trying to just forget about the sword rather than dealing with it. The meme displays John Travolta from Pulp Fiction looking away from the sword, acting as if it isn't there.

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